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The official mailing list for the discussion of the music and recordings of XTC. FAQ, archives, news, classifieds.
The Little Lighthouse
Unofficial site with news, information, exclusive pictures and interviews.
The Onion AV Club: XTC
Interview with Andy Partridge on the perils of being on hiatus.
XTC Ten Feet Tall
Unofficial Italian site (in English)
Optimism's Flames
Audio and video trading list of the band XTC, including live boots, demos, studio outtakes, memorabilia, posters, pins, presskits, and autographed items. XTC
Includes biography, discography, articles, and message board.
Canoe's XTC Page
A collection of XTC articles by Dave Veitch of the Calgary Sun.
XTC - The Masters Return
At Partridge and Moulding discuss their music and album _Apple Venus Volume 1_ with Mac Randall. Biography and links.
Amazon offers Apple Box (Audio CD),31 October, 2005
rock music |  T Stratosphear  | rock n roll List price $57.49
I resent this / 1
I am a long time XTC fan but I have to say that more than perturbed that there are 2 new songs available only if you purchase this box set. I love XTC but I will not spend $57 for 2 songs no matter who it is.
Song "My Weapon"
I dunno wot she got
I dunno wot she got
I dunno what she got but it seems to have a grip upon me
No telling where she learn the things she do to me
And I don't know what she done wrong but I want to hurt her

(wanna) take it out on her
Take it out on her
Take it out on her
With my weapon

She's so exacting that she tells me when I go wrong
She doesn't value the attention she receives
She says I'm taking all the time but I'm not returning
(that's right)

'Do this' but she won't do that
Lying beside me like a parcel of fat
Hot love - cold sweat - feel her beneath me wanna crush her to death
She tries to justify the people who despise me
She puts her finger on things she knows will hurt
And I can't defend myself till we turn the lights off then

I dunno wot she got - my weapon
My stinking weapon

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Don't expect too much xtc from the special features on this DVD.
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Reviews:. Kat Kunz rates this 7 / 10. very beatlesesque pop music with brightly depressing lyrics. XTC has evolved, for sure, during their 25+ years in ...
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