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News, sounds, pictures, lyrics, sounds, chat, a quiz, a survey and links.
Addicted to Noise: The Changing of the Sonic Guard
Interview with Steve and Kim prior to release of "A Thousand Leaves" about the SYR series, songwriting methodology, Tibet, and more.
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Saucer-Like Sonic Youth
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Sonic Youth Lyrics
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Amazon offers A Thousand Leaves (Audio CD),12 May, 1998
rock music |  Ciccone Youth  | rock n roll List price $9.98
Wow, the first album by Sonic Youth that could be described as beautiful / 5
Thuston Moore as the sentimental, warm, yet world broken artist, Kim Gordon the deconstructionist rocker and Lee Renaldo as the visionary beat poet? Hmmm, perhaps, though the roles are somewhat interchangable. This is a stellar album no matter how you break it down. Melodic, disonant, angry, sad and for the first time warm and beautiful. Sonic Youth continue the trend of introspective song writing begun with Washing Machine but they do it better on this album. Some may say that on some songs they lost their edge, I'd say they broadened their pallette (and extended their songs) Their musicianship and muse continues to change and grow. A very strong and emotional effort.
Song "Six"
You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life
Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you
Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief
That steals that jaded necklace that you're always wearing
I'd take that thing and with my knive I'd start pairing so
Chop chop piece piece and send it to the raiders of LA
There are so many this land of plenty
The things we lack straight square within our grasp
Ever you do ever you think
Whether you're brown or you're pink
I think not thinkings better bout it
When you stop to think
The jaded ones will wither
While the optimistic grow
I settle that a bet will let a large amount
So indulge me just for a minute imagine no one holdin out
All trying for peace my brothers down
Some others down it happens slow
think you should know the direction that the world go peace

They number six to make them feel like men
They one up us cuz we're much to much for them
OK the method to the mischeifs over there then
Sike shazam we strike with the lightnin
Through space we move and emit an ill tracer
We're set to light your world kid we're your maker
Check it our karma plus the avant garder
Style of out sect wise to ways comes to wreck
While the masses mill around curse in anguish
311 stompin' em down with the quickness
We see all the crews that be comin' around
Like a drive through Estes park you savor the sun
But when the clouds come make animals

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