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Richmond R&B
A website about the rock bands The Yardbirds and Downliners Sect
Lyrics World - The Yardbirds
Lyrics to several Yardbirds songs.
The Yardbirds
Includes pictures, rare record sleeves and sheet music.
Yardbirds Official World Wide Web Page
The official site of the band's current incarnation. Tour dates, photos, audio samples, and merchandise.
Amazon offers Volume 1: Smokestack Lightning (Audio CD),01 October, 1991
rock music |  Yardbirds  | rock n roll List price $19.98
the most underrated great album of the sixties / 5
This is a compilation of the first two Yardbirds albums (For Your Love, Having a Rave Up) plus live tracks, some of which were included in the Five Live Yardbirds album, which was never released in the U.S. Listening to this album will show you where the heavy metal bands got their licks. There is plenty of Clapton (two live versions of Smokestack Lightning for example) but even more of Jeff Beck, the great lost guitarist of the British invasion. Listening to this album shows you how far Beck was ahead of his times. Listen to "I ain't done wrong" and see how far the Yardbirds were ahead of the pop groups and remember the competition of the times such as Herman's Hermits and the Dave Clark Five. Anyone who appreciates good guitar licks should own this one.
Song "I Wish You Would"

(Billy Boy Arnold)

Early in the morning, 'bout the break of day,
That's when my baby went away.
Come back, baby, I wish you would,
Try and love me, you won't do no good.

Walking and a-kissing late at night;
I tell you now baby, I feel just right.
Come now baby, whatcha trying to do?
Trying to love me and some other man, too.

Come now baby, give me one more chance.
You know I still love you, want to give you romance.
Yeah romance, all night long, in my arms, woah yeah.

[Repeat First Verse]

You know baby that I love you so.
You know, pretty baby, it hurts me to see you go.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.

The Yardbirds
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Review - The Yardbirds: Live! Blueswailing July '64
Live recordings of the legendary Yardbirds are few and far between, so this new release comes as a welcome surprise. Previously, the only tapes in existence ...
Roger The Engineer Review | Yardbirds | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Roger The Engineer review / Yardbirds / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com.
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Crossfire Publishing - Publisher and Record Label - prepare to release new Books and CDs from rock music icons. (PRWeb Feb 23, 2007)
The Shake Are Coming (antiMUSIC)
(PR) May 15 is the red-letter day when New York City?s latest rock-throne contenders THE SHAKE will release Kick It, their debut album on Unicycle Records. If advance reaction is any indication, this band is sure to garner lots of positive media attention.
Pop music, classical, comedy in Jim Thorpe (Pocono Record)
Flynn at 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Boston-area performer Flynn is a native of Ireland. Flynn's original songs are influenced by contemporary rock, techno, folk and Celtic music. Tickets are $15 and $20, day of show. Doors open at 8 p.m.
Never out of style (Chicago Sun-Times)
It's been a long time since the founding members of Milwaukee's cult legends Plasticland fit in with any of rock's prevailing trends.
STAIRWAY TO NJ (Asbury Park Press)
On Friday, members of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra come to Newark's New Jersey Performing Arts Center to perform a rock show, complete with lighting effects.
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In one of the oddest stories in pop music history, the band's personnel shifted and the sound changed 360 degrees -- and back again. (PRWeb Feb 3, 2007)
A forgotten era of the Bee Gees, reissued (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
To rock boys coming of age in the late '70s and early '80s, the brothers Gibb were known primarily as the fey, toothy, Members Only-jacketed target of the Disco Sucks backlash that greeted the blockbuster sales and grating ubiquity of their Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
Electric Prunes Catalog Reissued on Collector' Choice Music (All About Jazz)
When you mention the Electric Prunes, the Nuggets-era garage/psychedelic hits ?Too Much To Dream Last Night? and ?Get Me to the World on Time? generally come to mind. But unlike many of their one-or-two-hit contemporaries, the Electric Prunes never really went away.
Jeff Beck: Live, Remastered And Expanded (All About Jazz)
Jeff Beck is the most explosive guitarist of his generation. Since he first stepped into the spotlight as a replacement for Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds, he has played with an impulsive, unorthodox logic all his own.
Music Review: Essentially John Mayall (
John Mayall's inestimable influence on the evolution of British blues stems more from his talents as a bandleader than from his own talents as a musician. While he's a very gifted instrumentalist, particularly on blues harp, and an adequate vocalist, it's his unerring ear for recognizing raw talent that's made John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, in all its incarnations, the legend that it is today. ...

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