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The Ringo Starr Web Ring
Features a listing of sites about Ringo or the Beatles and sign up information.
Ringo Starr: Live In Moscow 1998
Copy of the concert ticket, song list, and a review.
Ringo in Concert
Reflections after seeing Ringo Starr and the All Star Band in concert on February 25, 1999.
Astrocartography of Ringo Starr
Essay on how the planetary metaphor of Venus was reflected in Ringo's life and work.
Official web site with current tour schedule, press releases, reviews, and other information on Ringo and The All-Starrs.
Ringo Starr: An Annotated Discography
Information and a short commentary on the singles and albums released from 1970 to present.
Ringo Starr Live 3/18/99
A fan remembers and reviews an All Starr Band concert held at the Universal Ampitheatre.
TUBLA: The Unofficial Ringo Starr Lyrics Archive
Lyrics to songs recorded as a solo artist, plus information about his records and UK discography.
Amazon offers King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Ringo Starr (Audio CD),10 June, 2003
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Electic and Electric! / 3
My beloved wife, a die hard "Gen-Xer" and some 17 years younger than I, often has a difficult time understanding why I am so unregenerately, unrepentantly...well, ELITEST about the music and musicians from the Woodstock Generation. And this CD FULLY explains/justifies that opinion. Still..Woodstock Generation musicians and Generation X musicians sharing the same stage and working in perfect synchronization...Wow! Thank You, Ringo Starr! And to think that my generation used to consider You "the dumb Beatle." (I better shut up before I invoke other Beatle "wives," or "dieties" with 14 blue arms...) Ringo's "new All-Starr Band" did do a FANTASTIC show, and now, Ann and I have "our" CD. In fact, I won't even be snide and make mention of Sheila E or Howard Jones' presense. SHE was an absolute MONSTER, perfectly replicating Carl Palmer's drum parts, although I could have easily gone without having had to suffer through material from her affiliation with "that [person] formerly known as..." And Howard Jones...well, he DID play the prerequsite synthesizer solos, uh, correctly. Still, the band was tight as a tick, and, of course, Ringo was/is the consumate showman. My only gripe with the CD is that there are just TOO MANY Roger Hodgson/Supertramp songs on it, and only one each from either Greg Lake or my all-time-#1-Rock and Roll-hero, Ian Hunter. True, both Greg and Ian did sound sort of tired - but, truth is, I wanted Ann to hear "All The Young Dudes" with a "worthy" guitarist playing that immortal Mick Ralphs/Ronson lead guitar part, instead of some brat from from Johnny C Mellonhead's band. Still: I don't think that there ever was or WILL be a concert that both the Woodstock AND Generation X could enjoy together, and that alone justifies this CD. Ringo: Music
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