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E! Online: Music: Paul McCartney and Wings
A review of Band On the Run: 25th Anniversary Edition. Comments, song list, and track samples.,1095,325805,00.html
Wings Timeline
A short biographical timeline of Wings, their albums, and tours.
The news, facts, pictures, and history of this 2 CD set that condenses McCartney's career in the 1970s into the early 1980s.
Paul McCartney Wings It Alone
1982 interview with Paul from Canada's "Music Express" magazine, where he discusses the breakup of Wings.
Paul McCartney, From Beatles to Wings
Album and single information including photos and reviews. No track lists.
The Making of "Band on the Run"
Contains news, information, and concept of the 25th anniversary edition of this Wings release.
Amazon offers Heart of Perfect Wisdom/Kalama: A Sufi Song of Love (Audio CD),26 July, 1994
rock music |  Wings  | rock n roll List price $16.98
Song "Famous Groupies"

All stand back, let the people see
Take a snap of the famous groupies for me
Behold the famous groupies
They are alike as two peas
And where the other goes, the other goes
But though the famous groupies
Are only paid in rupies
Nobody knows what the famous groupies know
And nobody goes where the famous groupies go

There was a bango player
Who kept an extra layer
Of dunlopillo mattress in his van
But when the famous groupies
Arived with their twin snoopies
Nobody saw which way the poor boy ran
Nobody does it like a famous groupie can

All stand back, let the people see
Take a snap of the famous groupies for me

There was a lead guitarist
Who lived in epping forest
And all he ever wanted was to blow
When the girls were with him
He never lost his rhythm
And nobody knows what the famous groupies know
Nobody goes where the famous groupies go

There was a classic story
Of a roadic nicknamed rory
Who used to practice voodoo on the side
When the famous twosome
Suggested something gruesome
All that they found was a crater two miles wide
Which left the music business absolutely horrified

Ladies and gentlemen, those magnificent examples of
Female pulchritude and luminosity, direct from their
Global perambulations to the very boards of this
Supremely magnificent proscenium arch - ladies and
Gentlemen; i give you famous groupies!

Wings Over Vietnam for PC Review - PC Wings Over Vietnam Review
Wings Over Vietnam for PC Review - GameSpot's in depth PC Wings Over Vietnam review can help you better decide if Wings Over Vietnam is worth your time and ...
Wings of Courage
WINGS OF COURAGE reviews from the nation's top critics and audiences. Also includes movie info, trailer, poster, photos, news, articles, and forum.
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Photos: Danny and the Nightmares (Daniel Johnston) [Dallas, TX; 02/18/07] (Pi...
Under his Danny and the Nightmares guise, indie legend Daniel Johnston treated show-goers at Dallas' Granada Theater last Sunday to new material, "an amazing cover" of Wings' "Band on the Run", and "a beautiful rendition" of "True Love Will Find You in the End", according to reader Callan Cotten, who provided these classy black-and-white photos of the event.
If rocking pays the bills, then go for it (The Columbus Dispatch)
It didn?t take long for my freshman at the University of Cincinnati to set his career path. "Guess what, Dad?" he said. "We?re starting a band." Oh, boy, I thought. Is this why I?ve mortgaged my retirement on his education?
Tarantula A.D. Evolve Into Priestbird, Tour (Pitchfork)
Tarantula A.D. have traded in their spider legs for a pair of wings.
Missouri Film Festival (The Springfield News-Leader)
The Show-Me Missouri International Film Festival presents more than art films and workshops -- although there are plenty of both today through Sunday at four venues. Like Christian-based family features? The festival has one. "Welcome to Paradise" stars Crystal Bernard of "Wings" and Brian Dennehy. How about a film about soccer great Pele, or famous sports announcer Harry Caray?
Van the Man delivers his best gig in years (Orange County Register)
Review: A reinvigorated Van Morrison superbly mixes fundamentals and favorites at L.A. show.
'Rock Star Supernova' crashes, burns in Oakland (Contra Costa Times)
Rock Star super-flop. That's probably the most accurate way to sum up Rock Star Supernova's concert on Thursday night at Oracle Arena. Post a Comment
Danity Kane launches Celebrity Night (Denver Post)
Editor's note: Kat Valentine is taking maternity leave. Freelance writer Kathleen St.
Commander at the controls (The Taunton Gazette)
TAUNTON - Though Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen have been rockin' for more than three decades, their voyage is no where near over.
A bridge, a village, a ford and a swamp were Bladen's battlefields (Bladen Jo...
Two men who never lived in Bladen played a major role in the county's role in the American Revolution. Without David Fanning and James Craig, 1781 likely would have been a tense, but quiet year in Southeastern North Carolina.
Getting to Know (Pleiad)
The Pleiad--Albion College's student newspaper.

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