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First of The Who is the best pop rock band to come out of 60's Britain and you can find the proof in this album. You get 2 discs with the songs in chronilogical order. As it should be, right? The lyrics to most of their songs aren't all happy and being in love like other 60's pop rock groups, you get songs about masturbation, running out on your wife and social angst. The booklette comes with the history of the band and pictures. If you're a casual or new fan then you should own this album.
TV Zone #197: TV Zone #197 – Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion ...
We present our review of Doctor Who's Christmas Special! Doctor Who's The Christmas Invasion is upon us, with murderous Santas, spinning Christmas trees and ...
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Who the blog are you? Plus... 'I'd like to know who told you you could stop at three.' ... Health Wonk Review is a new health policy blog carnival. ...
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Pomp and circumstance (The Plain Dealer)
- The Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967): An orchestra revs up for "A Day in the Life," to staggering effect. - The Who, "Tommy" (1969): Not the first rock opera, but the most famous.
The Who's Who? (The Fresno Bee)
W ho? Of all the questions Pete Townshend gets, that's probably not one of them.
Roger Daltrey still has what it takes (Galveston County Daily News)
Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, turns 63 on March 1. Yes, the man who sang, ?Hope I die before I get old? has been eligible for AARP membership for 13 years (or four Who reunion tours).
We can knock 'em, but the Police are good (Denver Post)
Before you get your underwear all knotted over the Police reunion tour, consider this: The band is overrated.
Music DVD Review: The Who - The Vegas Job (
On October 29th, 1999, The Who headlined an extraordinary concert event at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, which featured several other huge acts including Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, KISS, Faith Hill, and The Dixie Chicks. This now infamous event was the brainchild of a new Internet technology company, Pixelon , who reportedly paid 16-million dollars renting out the entire MGM Grand to ...
Eclectic musician's journey takes him back to his roots (Knoxville News Senti...
Tony Furtado is not related to Nelly Furtado. He is not a blues musician. He is not a bluegrass musician. He is not a jam-band musician. Furtado simply is what he is - a multi-instrumentalist who refuses to be pigeonholed. And at this particular moment, he's a guy getting wet after leaving sound check at an Ann Arbor, Mich., music club.
Opera and Shakespeare (Salt Lake City Weekly)
The Who?s Tommy In 1969, The Who invented the genre of ?rock opera? with Tommy . This month at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, The Who?s Tommy , as it is billed, gives us the opera?but somehow forgets to rock.
'Brand New' Lover (Entertainment Weekly)
Our man at the NME feels Brand New -- after listening to the band's CD for the 176th time. Plus: an Arcade Fire world exclusive event, introducing the Stalkers, and the lowdown on the U.K. summer festival season
U.S. Army Field Band ensemble to perform in Shreveport (The Shreveport Times)
The Volunteers, the pop component of the U.S. Army Field Band, will perform March 17 in a free concert sponsored by The Times.
THE SHUFFLE | WHO'S PLAYING IN OUR AREA: Who's playing in our area? (The Char...
With a name like this, you might expect an average folkie -- but that's not the case with female singer-songwriter Amanda Kapousouz, whose incredible album "Liar and the Thief" is an ethereal mix of Suzanne Vega and stripped-down Portishead. She opens for husband Bain Mattox. 10:30 tonight. Evening Muse. $6. 704-376-3737. -- Courtney Devores

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