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Pink Floyd Interactions Database: Snowy White
Details of Snowy White's involvement with Pink Floyd and with various members of the band.
Snowy White
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Lizzy Days - Snowy White
Painting by Jim Fitzpatrick, the artist responsible for most of Thin Lizzy's album covers.
Amazon offers Restless (Audio CD),01 October, 2002
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This album is a must! / 5
I'm quite new to Snowy White as I heard him for the first time at Roger Waters' In The Flesh Tour in the summer of 2002. I liked the soft and bluesy sound of his Gibson Les Paul and decided to check out his discography.

Restless was the first Snowy White album that I got and I like it a lot. It's very laid back and pleasant. My favorites are the slow ballads on track 2 (The Time has Come), 5 (You Can't Break My Heart), and 7 (Softly). Especially You Can't Break My Heart could run forever. In return I'm not too enthusiastic about the jazzy passages on track 3 (Restless). It might rock on a live session but it becomes a little to tense on a studio album in my humble opinion. But it gets over in just 2 minutes, so never mind. Luckily track 4 (Restless Too) saves the total image of the title track. On this track Snowy White is using a little more effects than normally and I just love it.

I have subsequent noticed that Snowy White occasionally re-issue old tracks on his albums - either in a new arrangement or in the original version as a bonus track. As for instance, The Time has Come on Restless appears in a more unpolished version on the album Highway To The Sun. I hope Snowy White & The White Flames will make a long version of You Can't Break My Heart, perhaps with a mix of acoustic and electric guitars like track 3 on the Toxic album, and put it on a future album. It really deserves it!

Restless is one of the best albums I have bought for a very long time, and it continues to grow every time I hear it. I can only recommend that you order it immediately. This album is a must...

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