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Song "Speed Home California"
Hai no lugar como de la casa
Hai no lugar como de la YEAH!

Can't take this anymore, got my head down on the floor
My brain is burning inside of my head
Can't speak the word and my face is blue
And I wanna get back to the arms of you
Wanna get back
I gotta get back to my...

Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california

Oh yeah, uh

Got 1894 with all my friends who pass at my back door
Can see the light of another night in here
When you want it fast and you want it now
And if you ask they'll tell you how
Wanna get back
I gotta get back to my...

Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california

Yeah, uh, uh, uh, alright, uh-uh, uh-uh, yeaaaaoow
Pa-na-na, Pa-na-na-now
Cuz these are the brakes

See you here, no, not at all, set you up to watch you fall
Least I feel the starting of the end yeah yeah yeah
Gotta pick it up, are you gonna be late?
12 more hours to the sunshine state
Wanna get back, I gotta get back to my

Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home california
Speed home
Speed home
Speed home
Speed home california

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