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An Almost Official Fastball Page
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Fastball - The Official Site
Official site run by the band. Features news and tour dates.
Metacritic: The Harsh Light of Day
Links to several reviews of the Fastball album.
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Amazon offers All the Pain Money Can Buy (Audio CD),10 March, 1998
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A Warm Fuzzy Feeling, indeed / 4
FAST BALL threw me a curve. I didn't expect this and I'm a better listener for hearing their CD. Anyone who likes power pop will find the hooks a plenty on this release. That's one of the places I like to visit from BIG STAR to the UNCLE DEVIL SHOW, I eat this stuff up. Like the title one of NICK LOWE's early records: Pure Pop for Now People.

It's almost as if PAUL MACARTNEY were in the studio saying, not bad fellows, not bad at all. It's fresh yet familiar all at once, an absolute home run.

"THE WAY" which opens the CD, is a stone c old smash. An instant classic. The most modern sound on the disc. Sort of like the best moments from a great, lost SUGAR RAY single. A song so summery good you'll be playing it at your next BBQ and have folks asking you "Who is that band? It's that good; the kind of song John Cusack's character in "Hi Fidelity" would play in his record shop in Chicago. Wonderful harmonies, evoking British Invasion images of Beatles.

"FIRE ESCAPE" received considerable airplay on WXRT-FM (Chicago's Finest Rock) at the turn of the century, and while not my personal favorite, is certainly the reason these popsters made a little splash during the Y2K era.

I feel that things really pick up with tracks 6-12, where there is a half dozen+, cheerful pop moments, so well crafted, you'll wonder where these guys came from, have been...and why they weren't discovery by more rock hounds.

"WARM FUZZY FEELING", hits one out of the park. This track could easily have come off a vintage SMITHEERNS LP.

"SLOW DRAG" Has the craftsmanship of the brothers FINN in CROWDED HOUSE or the woefully underrated REMBRANTS.

"GOOD OLD DAYS", like The KINKS, has a snappy beat, with a punched up horn section reminiscent of BS&T or later day GRASS ROOTS. Me likes the Old Days, Good Times I Remember. You know, the horny sounds of CHICAGO.


"OUT OF MY HEAD". Get out your Bic lighter as CHEAP TRICK fans re-unite, Z'NUFF said.

"DAMAGED GOODS", BADFINGER anyone? Listen for the ELVIS COSTELLO-styled vocal presentation on this one.

"NOWHERE ROAD" reminds me of AL Kooper's immortal keyboard play circa Dylan's "LIKE A ROLLING STONE", meets `BALLAD OF JOHN & YOKO", before evolving into a salute to THE WHO's "I CAN SEE FOR MILES". As Keith Moon once said: "If you want to play load, hit the drums hard".

In the end FASTBALL sounds the most like FASTBALL, and that's a good thing.

FASTBALL touches them all and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. You should try FASTBALLS pitch too.

Song "Nowhere Road"
There's trouble on the subway
There's something on the track
There's a dead-end waiting and
We can't go back
So take it to the highway
Head back and open wide
Step right up and take a nowhere ride

It's a nowhere road
It's a nowhere road
No matter where it goes it's a
Nowhere road
It's a nowhere road and I'm tired
It's a nowhere job and I'm fired
It don't matter what they say
You can't get there going this way

From L.A. to Miami
And all points in between
Look outside you get the same old scene
You take it to the highway
You travel far and wide
Caterpillars carving up the country side

It's a nowhere road
It's a nowhere road
No matter where it goes it's a
Nowhere road
It's a nowhere road and I'm tired
It's a nowhere job and I'm fired
It don't matter what they say
You can't get there going this way

It's a nowhere road and I'm tired
It's a nowhere road and I'm tired
It's a nowhere road and I'm tired
It's a nowhere road and I'm tired

It's a nowhere road and I'm tired

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