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The birth / 5
I've heard questions about what is it that Elvis Costello uses to compensate his supposedly limited vocal range. I'd risk my answer: if there's something to be compensated vocally on him, it's done by his absolutelly clever and expressive use of that cool nasal voice. Costello's debut is a classic from start to end: sine opener `'Welcome To The Working Week'', every single track can be rated between very good and excellent. His economic and effective arrangements, the tastefull backing vocals all over create an atmosphere that puts past and future together in the shape of a revolutionary record. By listening to pearls like `'Blame It On Cain'', `'Mistery Dance'' and `'Pay It Back'', Costello's influences from early rock are water-clear, but newly processed, transformed, up to date. It seems that he wanted to show a little bit of what would come his the future albums by recording his debut: exuberant ballad `'Alison'' is 1,000 better than anything he produced during his then forthcoming crooner-wedding singer phase; `'Watching The Detectives'' is his coolest reggae-flavoured, ska revival song. In parts due to his winner formula of releasing LPs full of short nice songs, there's no way to get bored with this masterpiece and, since you're in front of one of the most solid rock albums ever recorded, pardon me if it seems that I'm raving too much about it. An absolutelly enjoyable experience.
Song "The Flirting Kind"
She used to be the flirting kind
But the boy loved her anyway
He made up his mind
She said, What's a girl to do to be content?
Use your imagination
Time to experiment
Make love like a punishment
So they call her the flirting kind
The flirting kind
You better stop
Stop your running round
I got everything I wanted
I could make up for lost ground

With the flirting kind
The flirting kind
Your love is best
But I'll leave like the rest
The flirting kind
The flirting kind

They say that her fate is sealed
But she's much too beautiful to ever yield
She says, What's a girl to do to be content?
Use your imagination
Time to experiment
Make love like a punishment
So they call her the flirting kind
The flirting kind

She's crying in her sleep
For a man tone deaf
So is a man all over
He's all over, all over town

With the flirting kind
The flirting kind
Your love is best
But I'll leave like the rest
The flirting kind
The flirting kind

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