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Amazon offers Shakin' All Over/Hey Ho! /It's Time (Audio CD),30 September, 2003
rock music |  The Guess Who  | rock n roll List price $13.98 CD Review: The Guess Who-The Hits
Music: CD Review: <i>The Guess Who-The Hits</i> - The Guess Who? I bet you already know them! The Best of the Guess Who: Music
The Best of the Guess Who, The Guess Who. ... Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Search Customer Reviews (What's this?) ...
Guess Who + Beauty Shop
... putting it apart from Guess Who, the film is a lot more interested in setting up its ... This review may not be reprinted, in whole or in part, ...
The Guess Who - The Best of The Guess Who (Album Review)
This is a review of The Guess Who - The Best of The Guess Who at The Music Box - an online music magazine featuring music news, tour info, concert reviews, ...
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On February 23rd, 1957, Porter Wagoner joined the Grand Ole Opry. In 1965, Stan Laurel of the Laurel and Hardy comedy team died in Santa Monica, California. He was 74.
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RiverfestXXXVI, May 11 - 19. "We provide top-notch, national-known music artists every year for Riverfest," said Janet Wright. "This year will be no exception with top billboard artists like Daughtry and Craig Morgan scheduled to perform."
Rock Artists Embrace TV Commercial Sales (NPR)
Morning Edition , February 6, 2007 Once upon a time, it was uncool for rock artists to sell their songs for TV commercials. Veteran rocker Randy Bachman says those days are gone.
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If Jane?s Addiction singer Perry Ferrell had dropped acid and joined a band in San Francisco, instead of moving to L.A. and becoming part of The Sunset Strip?s underbelly of experimental artists, it is a good bet that band would have sounded a bit like the music of Canada?s Elliott Brood. Seriously, I don?t know what it is about Canada that produces such amazing artists, but I?m now ...
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The '70s was an interesting time for music or at least that's what I hear. Being that I wasn't born until halfway through the decade, I only have the music and movies of the time to transport me back to the times of shag-carpet and Valium. Being that most of my all time favorite albums were made before 1990, and many before I was even born, or before I was a toddler, I love the idea of a good ...

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