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The Darkness - Men What Do Rock, Baby
Official site, featuring biographies, downloadable flyers and guestbook.
The Darklings
the original UK fan site for The Darkness
Rockin Tabs: The Darkness
Guitar tabs for the Darkness
Amazon offers Maximum Darkness (Audio CD),02 December, 2003
rock music |  The Darkness  | rock n roll List price $15.49
A Bio CD, not a release by "The Darkness" / 3
Made in England, this 60 minute long CD with mini poster includes interviews and biographical material about The Darkness written by Emily Kearns and read by Stan Jones.
Song "Stuck In a Rut"
Stuck in a rut with no way out
Cause of a time when things are all about
Being better way back then
And the complacent didn't ask questions
So bow down to your master
And fit the image bound straight for disaster
Enslaved and misled
By the lies that you've been fed
As you lay there in deceit
Caught up in your prefab dream
The molds been forged for you
Compliments of the red,white and blue
To scared to break away
What will they think? What will they say?
If you live your life today
And fuck this American way
Disease! This Disease! With shit up to my knees!!
Spreading across the nation from to filthy sea
Just slavin away at the repetitious mass decay
I did it yesterday and I'll do the same again
Today is day I'm gonna break out
I wanna run through the streets and give a shout
Stay ahead from the sickness that falls on me
So I lessen myself just to stay free
I was choking from a victim right from the start
You can use my body, but you
Can't take my heart and soul away from me
Cause I'm in control of my destiny Decoding Darkness: The Search for the Genetic Causes ... Decoding Darkness: The Search for the Genetic Causes of Alzheimer's ... Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. ...
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Post Darkness (antiMUSIC)
(BBC) Rock group The Darkness are reforming - but without lead singer Justin Hawkins. The three remaining members of the rock act, from Lowestoft, Suffolk, have announced that they have begun work recording a new album.
Explosions In The Sky - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (Rolling Stone)
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Blabbermouth reports: TOOL has been forced to reschedule its previously announced North American tour "due to an injury in the band," according to a press release issued by the group earlier today (Wednesday, February 21). "Over the weekend, drummer Danny Carey tore a bicep.
Ex-Darkness Members Reform, Record New Album (Spin)
Following the departure of frontman Justin Hawkins, remaining rockers reunite and officially start new record.
Police, Fugees Plan Reunions (Emory Wheel)
Before the Police launched into their ceremony-opening performance of "Roxanne" at the Grammy Awards, lead singer Sting declared, "We are the Police, and we're back!"
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Sweeping, epic songs create familiar sound on new Explosions album (Daily Ora...
Explosions in the Sky All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone Genre: Post-Rock Sounds Like: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Rós 75 Decibels The cover of the new Explosions in the Sky album, "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone," features a ghostly flooded scene.
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Sondre Lerche Phantom Punch Astralwerks 4 stars Sondre Lerche doesn't know what genre he wants to write for. In fact, his music defies classification, jumping from albums full of sweet and mellow pop to smooth jazz-club fodder to upbeat rock that would make Elvis Costello proud.
?Snake Oil? to be released March 13 (Ada Evening News)
STILLWATER ? Release date for "Snake Oil," the second studio album from 4th Order, is set for March 13.

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