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EY YOU-SHERRI...... Ya gotta get this CD and......... / 5
....blast it off your balconey all throughout the town below on at hill there where you are.If I were ever to choose a non-american,international genre of music to pay attention to,thgis cd here would more than exemplify my bestest likings of any sonical delights my speakers happen to vibrate at any given time around here.There's really nothing more I can do w/ my life except what I've always wanted to do forever is listen to music so that's all I can do as the beginning of the end is a REAL aspect of life itself.The final destination,as it were for Capt.Kirk.Did you ever take viola lessons? article: » Dein Schatten - Ewiges Eis
Dein Schatten - Ewiges Eis. in Reviews, metal. Dein Schatten is a new project by a guy named Dieter Bornschlegel, who I believe is active in the German ...
Das Ewige Eis by Dein Schatten (lyrics & reviews)
Lyrics and reviews for the album Das Ewige Eis by Dein Schatten.
REVIEW: Dein Shatten - "Ewiges Eis"
REVIEW: Dein Shatten - "Ewiges Eis". By May Wiseman. Chain Border. The Dein Schatten German factor, yes through and through. The foreign sung lyrics, ...
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