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Amazon offers Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (CD + New DVD Documentary) (Audio CD),25 October, 2005
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Let's lynch the lawyers! / 5
This edition of the DK's classic first album, inspired either by its 25th anniversery or the regrettable lawsuit that put it in the hands of the band members not named Jello Biafra, is at least a chance to re-evaluate it anew. The question of whether it stands the test of time is perhaps overshadowed by whether any punk should be anointed "classic" status in the first place. The whole point of punk was to get rid of those BS designations and just blast the kind of stuff offensive to parents, guardians of culture and even rock music fans. Heck, a few of the songs on the album could only be considered relevant to a specific period of time. "Holiday In Cambodia" was made all the more relevant by being released during Pol Pot's reign of terror. Does anybody even care about Jerry Brown anymore?

That said, "Fresh Fruit" holds up remarkably well. The pitch-black humor of songs like "I Kill Children" and "Funland At The Beach" upped the ante of punk's deliberate offensiveness in its time and reveals today's pseudo-punk whiners as the childish pablum-pushers they are. Even the more topical songs hold up on their own. The Wagnerian flourishes of "California Uber Alles" are practically begging for a Schwarzenegger-era rewrite, but you'll find yourself singing along regardless. Likewise, "Kill The Poor" makes more sense today if you substitute "Hurricane Katrina" for "Neutron Bomb," but the devilish glee with which Biafra delivers his satire sells it all over again. Say what you will about the antics of the other ex-Kennedys, but East Bay Ray's surf-inspired guitar and Klaus Fluouride's just plain inspired bass created a new vocabulary for punk that was miles ahead of contemporaries such as the Germs (and they were great in their own right).

Now, what about this edition is notable? While one can argue about the lawsuit that made it possible (for the record, I'm mainly on Biafra's side, since even the band members admit that the royalty problems they had were due to an innocent accounting error) the opportunity to remaaster the disc was too good to pass up. Well, I hate to say they dropped the ball on this front, but this is sonically not all that different from the vinyl edition I've been abusing for years. Why an album that was the product of a 22-track studio still sounds like it's mono is a question that's not really answered on the DVD documentary that's included in the package. However, the doc does have some neato live performances (arguably not the best, but I'll leave such aesthetic distinctions aside) and "vintage" local TV news footage of Biafra's semi-dadaist run for mayor of San Francisco. This is about the only time we get to hear from the man himself, as he obviously declined to be interviewed for this project. This of course makes him kind of a ghostly presence here, as if everybody's talking about someone who's died. It should also be noted that Biafra's recently complained that (ironically) he hasn't received any royalties from the DK's reissues, which I fear can lead to yet more lawsuits, which is obviously the most un-punk thing they could do. So what do you say, punk fans? Before such a depressing occurence, get a few torches and ropes, and let's lynch the lawyers!

Song "Straight A’s"

Sixteen, on the honor roll
I wish that i was dead
Parents hate me, i got zits
And bruises 'round my head

Pressure's on to get good grades
So i can be like them
Do my homework all the time
I can't go out just then

People they ain't friends at all
They tease and suck me dry
Yell at me when i fuck up
And party while i cry
I look so big on paper
I feel so fucking small
Wanna die and you don't care
Just stride on down the hall

Suicide suicide
Read the paper, wonder why
Turn the light out, then you cry
It's your fault, you made me die

Touch me won't you touch me now
So frozen i can't love
When i was born my mama cried
And picked me up with gloves

Girls, they kick me in the eye
Want answers to the tests
When they get them they drive off
And leave me home to rest

Hold my head
Make me warm
Tell me i am loved
Give me hope
Let me cry
Make me feel
Give me touch

The window's broken bleeding screaming
Lying in the hall
I'm gone no one remembers me
A picture on the wall
"he was such a bright boy
The future in his hands¡­"
¡ºor a spineless human pinball
Shot around by your demands

Suicide suicide
Goin' to sleep and when i die
You'll look up and realize
Then look down and wipe your eyes
Then go back to your stupid lives
Aw shit Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables: Music
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, Dead Kennedys. ... Spotlight Reviews (What's this?) Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. ... A Glance: Dead Kennedys
Dead Kennedys Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars Release Date: September 11, 2001 ... Dead Kennedys Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars ...
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