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Bryan Ferry: A Washington Lad
Bryan Ferry was born and educated in Washington, Tyne-Wear, England. View photographs of places associated with Bryan in Washington and of Bryan in concert at Adelaide, Australia.
Bryan Ferry
The official website, contains biographies of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry, merchandise links, gallery, tour dates, and guestbook.
Amazon offers In Your Mind (Audio CD),28 March, 2000
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Bryan Ferry Rocks Out..... / 4
Following Roxy Music's first split (after the excellent SIREN album) in 1976, Bryan Ferry decided to try his hand at his first solo album entirely consisting of his own compositions. While far from perfect, the result is an album that is quite good.
What is most interesting with IN YOUR MIND is that it is the most straightfoward rock n roll work Ferry has done to date. It is completely stripped of all the glam-rock and art-rock trimmings of most of his early Roxy Music and solo work. So Ferry's trademark croon and vibrato may sound a tad bizarre at first in such an ordinary rock setting, but after a few listens, it all seems to work.
Though the album is far from being the best example of Ferry's songwriting skills, it does contain some fine moments. "Tokyo Joe" is fun, infectious, and downright weird. It sounds like a stripped-down demo that found itself left off of SIREN or COUNTRY LIFE.
"Party Doll" and "One Kiss" are almost equally catchy, but not nearly as fun and entertaining.
Aside from these the rest of the songs are very hit or miss. The one exception, however, is the title track, wich closes out the album. What initially sounds like a Ferry-penned Christmas Carol turns into a thrilling anthem, complete with an excellent guitar solo by the great Chris Spedding. And while the lyrics may border on the absurd and pretentious side ("see the veiled prophet's withered gaze reflect the nouvelle-vague."), musically, this is one of Ferry's finest.
There are, of course, better Ferry solo albums out there, but IN YOUR MIND is definitely enjoyable, and it's sounds as though Ferry had some fun making this one! Don't let the silly album cover scare you away- give it a try

Song "Chance Meeting"

I never thought I'd seen you again
Where have you been until now?
Well how are you how have you been
It's a long time since we last met

It seems like only yesterday when I first
Saw you in your red dress smile
How could I forget that day
I know that time spent well is so rare

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