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Their official site includes a biography, photos, discography, videography, lyrics, guitar tabs, audio/video files, tour dates and merchandise.
The D-A-D Zone
Danish rock band, formerly known as Disneyland After Dark. Discography, articles, reviews, tablatures, and sound files.
Amazon offers Endtroducing... (Audio CD),19 November, 1996
rock music |  Disneyland After Dark  | rock n roll List price $13.98
A Real Trip / 5
first instrumental hip hop album i had ever heard and all i gotta say is SUPPORT DJ Shadow and BUY this album
Hip Hop classic and to think that Shadow made this in like 96 is amazing.
Tracks to listen to =

Building Steam With a Grain of Salt
What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 4
Stem/Long Stem <----------Mind Blowing
Midnight in a Perfect World
What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1: Blue Sky Revisit

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