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Melissa Etheridge Mailing List
Discussion list for Melissa Etheridge fans. With archive, discography, and lyrics.
Yahoo Chat transcript with Melissa Etheridge transcript of a chat with Melissa Etheridge on 11-04-99. Melissa answers questions about herself and her music. Need to sign up to view.
Speak True
A site for fans who are not satisfied with Melissa Etheridge's official fan club and representation.
Melissa Etheridge, the One and Only
Fan site with audio and video clips, picture gallery, interviews, and downloads. No longer updated.
Karen's Melissa Etheridge Page
A brief fan page with news, links and a couple of picture galleries.
Don't You Need Melissa Etheridge
Yahoo Club for Melissa Etheridge Fans. Discussion topic is Melissa Etheridge.
Melissa Etheridge PICE-LIST
Includes forum, concert photographs, interview, and calendar.
My Tribute to Melissa Etheridge
This is a small fan site with a few pictures and links.
Melissa Etheridge Page
This is a small fan site with a few pictures and links.
Melissa Etheridge Meeting Place
Yahoo Club for Melissa Etheridge. Offers discussion board, chat with members. Currently has about 115 members.
The Original Pip's Page for Melissa Etheridge
Includes some wavs of Melissa Etheridge on the Ellen Degenerous show.
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Song "The Bog Feels Strange"
And he looks at me in wonder
And he looks at me in fear
Wrestling with his anger
His pride and stony tears
To place me in his life
Will be hard and slow
Does he want it need it
I might never know
The boy feels strange
Oh the boy has changed

Looking from my tower
I can see his fortress strong
Surrounded by his army
Where do I belong
Does he ever find the answers
In the cars as they go by
Does he ever want to ask me why
The boy feels strange
Oh the boy has changed

And he's seen with all the women
Who think that he's a god
And he blesses whom he pleases
Holding fast to the facade
I want to reach out and believe him
Through his miles and miles of pain
But lately when I touch him
The boy feel strange

And he speaks to me of business
When I ask him how he's been
Keeps me at a distance
Never getting under the skin
Can he make a new beginning
Does he even want to try
Or will he only let it die
The boy feels strange
Oh the boy has changed

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