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Electronic - Get the Message
Includes news and a chat transcript.
Electronic - Twisted Tenderness - Official Site
Includes news, FAQs, biography, sounds, video, lyrics and images.
EMM's Electronic Homepage
Lyrics from their first two albums.
Metacritic: Twisted Tenderness
Links to several reviews of the album.
Amazon offers Raise the Pressure (Audio CD),09 July, 1996
rock music |  Electronic  | rock n roll List price $9.98
underrated synth gem / 4
How can you not like this album. The melodies stick in youre head all day long. Any thing new order rules.
Song "Reality"
You keep calling but I'm not at home'
To give me your explanation
I'm not waiting by the telephone
With a feeling of frustration
I always thought that if you understood
You'd clean up this mess and you'd do me some good
I don't need you anymore
I'm not the man you're looking for

Can't you see there's nothing in your head
And your body's on vacation
I keep hearing what I never said
You got me in your conversation
Now it's too late and you get what you see
I don't like this hatred, it just isn't me

ERCB: DDJ - Electronic Review of Computer Books - ERCB
[DDJ Electronic Review of Computer Books] ... Short and punchy reviews of recently released books. ... More Book Reviews at . ...
iEMLS Reviews of Electronic Resouces
Reviews of Electronic Resources. Interactive Early Modern Literary Studies undertook a series of reviews of electronic resources. ...
A Review of Electronic Services for
A Review of Electronic Services for Plagiarism Detection in Student Submissions ... This paper reviews the need for widespread plagiarism detection systems ...
Physical Review D, Journal
Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. Full papers only available on subscription. However, abstracts of papers accessible by everybody.
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From NSO, Electronic Beauty (Washington Post)
Patrons of the National Symphony Orchestra! Fear not the young composer who writes electronica as well as classical, comes clad in a black collarless shirt with a pink racing stripe down the side, and sits brandishing a laptop and dropping strange noises into and around the orchestral texture!
Club parties (Detroit News)
Paxahau's $5 Entry Night at Esko, 201 Michigan Ave., Detroit. (313) PAXAHAU. Get into Esko tonight for just $5 to hear New York electronic music artists Loco Dice and Marc Houle and Detroit's own John Johr. Stoli and Martel drinks are also $5 each. Doors open at 10 p.m.
Five Live: Music (The Oregonian)
1. The Helio Sequence 2004's "Love and Distance" album was filled with bright electronic rock, laced with vocal effects and sparkling melodies. Their MySpace page says they're still working on the follow-up.
Ryan Olcott's Mystery project (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
When his old band 12 Rods broke up, Ryan Olcott (right) could have put together another loud, arty rock band and stepped right back into the limelight. Instead, he started exploring new territory with the one-off electro-kink act Future Wives (co-led by Mark Mallman) and then his one-man circuit-bending act Food Team. The latter is based on the new musical art of manipulating/deconstructing ...
Wikipedia's next steps (CNN Money)
At my daughter's New York City high school her teachers tell her to not to use Wikipedia. When I talked to Jimmy Wales in Davos a few weeks ago, I expected him to be dismissive, perhaps even contemptuous, about such attitudes.
Pop and Rock Listings (New York Times)
Party On (Entertainment Weekly)
OKEREKE (SECOND FROM RIGHT) ''It was mildly infuriating for us to always have people think we're referencing Gang of Four, when no one in the band particularly liked [that] sound.''
Commission opens bids for new transportation trailer (Nevada Daily Mail)
The Vernon County Commission opened bids for a new trailer for the use of Vernon County Clerk Tammi Beach to move the county's electronic voting machines to each polling place each election.
Ride with the Explosions in the Sun (The Heights)
Explosions in the Sky is the ideal soundtrack band. Listen to its music on your iPod, and every insignificant daily action you once took for granted begins to take on new meaning. Buying a pack of gum is normally boring and monotonous, but if you do so while listening to its music, all of a sudden, the intricate, gorgeous, and monumental beauty of life washes over your body.
New Erasure Single, Album (CMJ)
British Pop Icons Erasure are gearing up for the release of their new single, "I Could Fall In Love With You," on Mute this spring. The track is taken from the duo?s new album, Light At The End Of The World , set for release May 22. The album finds the band returning to their electronic roots after last year's Union Street , which they recorded with a full band and completely acoustic.

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