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Amon Amarth
Official page of the Viking metal band. Includes a biography, news, show dates and photos. Amon Amarth
Includes a biography, discography, photos, audio, links and message board.
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Song "Under The Grayclouded Winter Sky"
Gray clouds
Cover the winter sky
Cold snow
Falls like autumn leaves to the ground
The icy wind
Pierces the skin of waiting warriors
Like spears
Will pierce their bodies in battle

Beards on pale grey faces
Eyes of death
Are burning with rage

Glancing across
The fields of tyr
In the early
Morning light

Warcries break the silent wait
Charging warriors rush to kill
Swords are swung in the air
The gods of war are called

Vikings with fire in soul
Clash in the open field
Slaying with powerful strokes
The snow is turning red

Hooves gallop the plains
Warlords on horsebacks
Ride into battle
With a thunderous roar

The stormwind of death
Blows across the field
Sweeping with it
Everyone in it’s way

So the battle settles
Alone stands just one man
Under the grayclouded
Winter sky

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