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Song "Thumb"
you don't seem to understand the deal,
I don't give two shits on how you feel,
you're burned by my lighter,
you've been burned by my lighter,
and my lighter is held down by my thumb

you're living in thought so
you're living in thought so
you're living in thought so...

you tried to turn me off
but you couldn't even turn me down
as I sat and I told you were living in hell

you're in desert ground
and now you've found
my foreman and you
and you'll since I got in this well...

you're living in thought so
you're in thought so
you're in thought so...

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Artist: Kyuss. "Turn it to 11!" this could be the most straight to the point and simple review ever, welcome to sky valley? cheers, now that i have heard ...
Kyuss - Satan Stole My Teddybear
This should be your first stop on the Kyuss journey. Review by John Chedsey. Review date: 07/1998. Back to top. Kyuss - Sky Valley ...
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