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Amazon offers Slaughter of the Soul (Audio CD),30 December, 2003
heavy metal |  At The Gates  | heavy metal bands List price $25.99
A grand album gets modified... / 4
So here we have it once more the notorious "Slaughter of the soul". Beeing one of the most defining albums of swedish death metal, this album is kind of a must have for any metalhead worth the respect. When i first heard this album(that beeing the original version) i was amazed about the effect, of the songs beeing so short and intense. The second thing hat surprized me was when i first got through the album, i was as eager as ever to hear it once more. Because all the way through it it NEVER had one dull second. It was simply a killer album, that blew me away. The album variation was very good with some mood enhancing interludes mixed in between the songs. In all the original album was made of the finest of the rwaw intense and brutality you would expect from only the finest within the genre.
Years passed and one day i stumbled across the album once more(i really wonder what keept me from buying it all this time) in a limited edition version with these 6 bonus tracks. Consisting of the amazingly extreme "captor of sin"(Slayer cover), the nice litle "Bister verkligheit"(No Security cover). 2 demo tracks(Unto otheres and sicide nation) beeing even faster and even more furious than the album versions, adding a good deal more to the allready great album. Then again we have an outtake from the album sessions named "the dying", beeing a classic At the Gates track it also adds some more flavour along with the last bonustrack called Legion.
the only thing standing between this expanded version and the ultimate rating is that, allthough good the bonustracks simply ruins the big picture of the original album. Making it allmost impossible tho listen trough the album ande the bonus tracks.
In my opinion the bonustracks would benefit more on a seperate disc.

Song "Through Gardens Of Grief"
Precious Flame of life, so Elusive
A spark being trampled to ashes
And spread by the winds of time

This garden is a silent one
Nothing moves but thoughts
The thoughts of those in silent memory
This they know, this they understand
There is darkness everywhere, outside

Morningstar forever set in Zenith
Uriel ruler of worlds
Saraquel set over spirits

the repulsive truth of this dark domain
The answer echos throughout infinity
There are so many of us here
And we are all so lonely
We are among millions and still alone
We are in hell, and yet so cold
Gardens of Grief

There's no god to punish us, and yet we suffer
Throughout so many lifetimes in this garden I have dwelt

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