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DA at their very best? / 5
The masters of genre-jumping are at it again!

It would be very difficult for any band to follow up the four incredible DA albums in the Alarma Chronicles (Volume 1 - Alarma! Volume 2 - Doppelganger, Volume 3 - Vox Humana, Volume 4 - Fearful Symmetry, released in 1981, 1983, 1984, and 1986), but Darn Floor, Big Bite (1987) slightly edges out these gems as my own personal DA favorite.

As the album notes tell, "Darn Floor, Big Bite" is the description of an earthquake, given by Koko the famous gorilla that uses sign language and word symbols. I'm sure that this is a "concept album" but, as with many of DA's other projects, most of Terry Taylor's coded meanings go a few levels deeper than what I can interpret.

The album is kind of a mix of heavy guitars, punk / new wave, driving beat, and beautiful ethereal music (think somewhere along the lines of Enya's music) - it's amazing how DA combines these styles together and totally makes it all work! Stylistically, there is cohesion throughout the album, and Taylor uses a different vocal style ("new wave voice?") than on most of his other songs.

Favorites are "The Shape of Air" ("I can sit and stare 'til it's almost clear," a reference to God?), "Safety Net" ("You fall, you get, caught in the safety net." This one's not too hard to figure out, as it also starts with a reference to the "cradle of grace."), and Pictures of the Gone World.

I've often heard references to Terry Scott Taylor's "creative genius," and it is at full throttle on this album - I just wish he would explain more of the deeper meanings of his lyrics. Sad to say, but this album has been in and out of print, and is currently out.

You can find more information about Daniel Amos, their many offshoots (bands and solo), and their music at their great website (easily found with a search or a little imagination).
Song "Live and Let Live"
Verse 1:

Oh, the snot has caked against my pants
It has turned into crystal
There's a bluebird sitting on a branch
I guess I'll take my pistol
I've got it in my hand
Because he's on my land

And so the story ended
Do you know it oh so well
Well should you need I'll tell you
The end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end

Verse 2:
Yes I've seen you sitting on the couch
I recognize your artillery
I have seen you many times before
Once when I was an Indian
And I was on my land
Why can't you understand

Bridge 1:
Served my time
Served it well
You made my soul

Bridge 2:
Write the rules
In the sky
But ask your leaders
Why Why

[repeat verse 1]
[repeat chorus]
[repeat bridge 1]

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