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The Cutting Edge: Farrell and Farrell
Discography and a little background information.
The Definitive Farrell & Farrell Web Site
Fan site includes photo galleries, reviews and interviews, trivia, MP3 files, discography.
All Music Guide: Farrell & Farrell
Biography of the husband-and-wife group, partial discography.
Farrell and Farrell - Official Site
Home page for Jesus Music era artists Bob and Jayne Farrell.
Amazon offers The Chamber: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Audio CD),22 October, 1996
Christian rock artists |  Farrell & Farrell  | rock music artists List price $16.98
One of Burwell's best! / 5
This is an excellent score which goes with a not so averge movie. John Grishams "The Chamber" is a tale of the moral complexities of capital punishment while the movie deals primarly with a convoluted conspiracy which goes to the the highest levels of government. Had James Foley kept true to the novel I still believe Burwell would have scored the film the same way- dark and unsettling. The one thing I like about this score is how its theme goes from a darker tone "Two Small Bodies" and evolves with the movies primary character Sam Cayhall into its more beautiful rendition in "The End". Besides these tracks five others which are powerful are "Dark Roots of the Tree", "Parchman Farm, By Car", "Hall of Records", Tale of the Laurel Tree", and "The Chamber". - Movie review - Minority Report
... movie info, reviews, awards, gossip, forums and more, bookmark Zap2it. ... a government agent played by Colin Farrell, and Farrell catches the ball. ...
SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On John Fante
News, Reviews, and Articles on John Fante from news sites, ... Towne's friendship with Colin Farrell, and Farrell's "it boy" status made the movie possible. ...
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