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Weezer - The Green Album
Contains 7 full tracks out of the 10 available in Real Audio format. Also includes a review of the album.
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Amazon offers Good Life (Audio CD),29 October, 1996
rock music |  Weezer  | rock n roll List price $3.49
Weezer single at it's best / 5
The good life single is worth your money if you are a weezer fan. in my opinion this is their best single. This weezer single also holds some of my favorite b Sides.That is saying something because praticly all of weezer's b Sides are great.I suggest you buy this now.
Song "I Do"
All the times you came
I should've ran away

You told me that you'd always love me
You told me that you'd always love me

And the games you played
Were meant to lead me on

You told me that you'd always love me
You told me that you'd always love me
Always, oooh always
I do

You told me that you'd always love me
You told me that you'd always love me
Always, oooh always
I do

Never more again
Will I believe the sun

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Danny Hey Adrian, nice review on Weezer. Ha, I hope people don't slam you with comments! I agree they can be quite over-rated, ...
Moxy Fruvous - Fruhead.Com: - Review of "Weezer"
Review of "Weezer" ... weezer is the best surf music ever. they're cool and their songs are really catchy.....get the album that's blue..i don't know the ...
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Entertainment calendar (San Jose Mercury News)
POP MUSIC, ETC. Major Bay Area concerts Feb. 22 Jaguares. 8:30 The Catalyst Club, 1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz. $51, $47 advance; $2 from the cost of each goes to Amnesty International. (866) 384-3060, http://catalyst.inhouse
Come see, or be, a star in the NOC (Equinox)
Six guys, five guitars and one harmonica rocked the stage in the Student Center Atrium on Thursday night. And ladies, take note: four of these soulful singers and strummers are single.
Q&A: Taking Back Sunday (Penn State Collegian)
Tell all your friends that Taking Back Sunday will be where you want to be and louder now than ever at the Bryce Jordan Center on February 22nd with openers Underoath and Armor for Sleep.
Suretone Records and ARTISTdirect Announce Groundbreaking Peer-to-Peer and Vi...
SANTA MONICA, Calif.----The ARTISTdirect Network, the world's largest independent music destination on the Web, today announced an innovative new peer-to-peer and video content initiative, which will both create a revenue stream and protect artists' rights.
Music Labels Offer Teasers to Download (New York Times)
The expansion of the online marketplace, coupled with ever-worsening CD sales, is now all but forcing the music companies to tread on ground they once viewed as off limits.
Rubin Turns To Linkin Park, Weezer After Winning Buckets Of Grammys (MTV Musi...
After winning five Grammys, Rick Rubin is turning to his 2007 roster, which includes Linkin Park, Metallica and Weezer.
Cosmosis beats back the cold: 7-member group warms up crowd fast with music t...
When the founding members of Cosmosis set out to put a band together, creating a rather ginormous ensemble wasn't their goal.It just sort of happened.
Overture Directly Tomusic Fans Via Web (RedNova)
By Jeff Leeds For all the disquiet the Internet has fostered in the music business, almost every rock star and record-label executive is intrigued with the prospect of marketing to music fans directly instead of wrangling over exposure with radio programmers and retailers.
Shots still echoing (New York Daily News)
For Matthew Gross, the memory of what happened when a gunman opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building a decade ago is shattered like a broken mirror.
Rubin Turns To Linkin Park, Weezer After Winning Buckets Of Grammys (Vh1)
Rick Rubin never having won the Producer of the Year Grammy was the musical equivalent of Martin Scorsese never having won the best-director Oscar. And on Sunday, two weeks before Scorsese is expected to finally get his prize, Rubin was at last

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