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Inverse: Cleaning Up The Mudd
Interview with Paul Phillips.
MTV Interview: Control Freaks
Details how the band got started with Wes Scantlin and Paul Phillips.
Puddle of Mudd-The First Fansite
Everything PoM! Biography, discography, lyrics, pictures, media, screensavers, wallpaper, tabs and much more!
Puddle of Mudd - Official Site
Provides tour information, media details, chat and a photo gallery.
Amazon offers Come Clean (+1 Bonus Track) (Audio CD),23 January, 2002
rock music |  Puddle of Mudd  | rock n roll List price $35.49
Song "Out Of My Head"
what is wrong with all my friends
I know that I am unlike them
just another situation
don't hold me back
I don't look good to them

They always act so dirty
they keep themselves so clean
why can't they find the answers
to the questions that are right in front of me
I'm so high, I'm never low
I'll hold the sky, never letting go

Let it go
no ones ever listening
the lines are crossed somewhere between
my head is spinning like a top
I don't know when this shit is going to stop


you fill my cup, I'm good to go
so shake me up

I'm so high, I'm never low
I'll hold the sky, and I'm never letting go

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Puddle of Mudd Lineup Shift (antiMUSIC)
(TuneLab) Ryan Yerdon, formerly of the band Citizen, has joined Puddle of Mudd behind the drum kit.
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On February 22nd, 1934, the comedy "It Happened One Night," starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, opened in New York. In 1964, The Beatles arrived in London following their first visit to the United States.
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Report for 02/21/06 (antiMUSIC)
Pollstar reports: It's true. The Van Halen tour that was never officially announced is now officially postponed indefinitely, sources told Pollstar.
Puddle of Mudd Band Imposter Found Guilty (News Channel 6 Paducah)
The man who tried to pass himself off as a member of the popular rock band "Puddle of Mudd", has been found guilty January 24th. A Pulaski County Jury handed down 4 guilty verdicts, to 31-year-old Martin Minter. He lured women and then assaulted them.
If 'love stinks'... (Shelbyville Daily Union)
By Joe Hadsall THE JOPLIN GLOBE (JOPLIN, Mo.) Valentine?s Day: A day to celebrate romance. To treat your special someone with adoration and love. To shower your special someone with lavish flowers, exquisite chocolates, fancy dinners and fairy-tale sentiments.
Puddle of Mudd imposter convicted in Pulaski County (The Southern Illinoisan)
MOUND CITY - Martin Minter, known in this area as the Puddle of Mudd Imposter, was convicted of three felonies and a misdemeanor on Wednesday in Pulaski County.
One of America's Great Student Newspapers (The Pitt News)
If there were a constitution full of laws governing the careers of bands that suck, I fully believe that there would be a clause stating, "No band shall release more than one song with the word 'boom' in the chorus."

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