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(4149) Harrison
Minor planet named in honor of former Beatle, George Harrison.
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Amazon offers Concert for Bangla Desh (Audio CD),30 July, 1991
rock music |  G Harrison  | rock n roll List price $31.98
THE essential benefit concert soundtrack that every person should own / 5
Benefit concerts are common place now, but this was the first. Held on 1st August 1971 in Madison Square Garden and captured using over 40 different microphones, these tracks still sparkle and this collection made a difference in the lives of many starving people.

Nearly thirty years later, the music is still fresh and hopeful. George Harrison (some of you may recall him as a member of the Beatles) gathered a few musicians for a magical night. Ringo Starr (identified in the liner notes by his birth name-Richard Starkey) from the Beatles joins Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, Ravi Shankar, and Bob Dylan, among others.

The CD opens with almost twenty minutes of fantastic Indian music. Ravi Shankar plays a 'dhun' on sitar (just the name sounds like the popping of a drumhead) accompanied by sarod, tabla, and tamboura. Leon Russell's medley, "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and "Youngblood" is worth the price of this CD alone. I've listened to a lot of different recordings of this medley, but this is the best. It is alive and crisp. If that's not enough for you, keep listening and you'll hear Bob Dylan perform five great tracks. My wife and I saw him tour with Paul Simon in the summer of 1999, and marveled at his sets. But these tracks were recorded when he was at the peak of his career, and are clearly keepers. Have you ever heard "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall?" How about "Blowin' in the Wind" or "Mr. Tambourine Man?" I'm sure you have, and they were current when these performances took place.

George leads various musicians (including the Apple band Badfinger) in a lot of familiar Beatle numbers, like "It Don't Come Easy," "Something," and "Here Comes the Sun." "Beware of Darkness" is a great track, recorded with almost everyone on stage. It is chilling!.

I still remember the LIFE magazine coverage of this event, and you can hear the audience in happy amazement at this once-in-a-lifetime moment. They bought tickets, not knowing who would be there (hoping, I suppose, for a reunion of the Fab Four.) Read the article.

Buy the brand new -at last!- DVD on 25th October and the new CD remastered edition. This is by far the best benefit concert.

Remember George Harrison 1943-2001

Song "That Is All"

That is all I want to say
Our love could save the day
That is all I'm waiting for
To try to love you more -

- and that is all I want to do
To get right next to you
That is all I'm living for,
Your love and nothing more
And that is all

Times I find it hard to say
With useless words getting in my way
Silence often says much more
Than trying to say what's been
said before.

That is all I want from you
A smile when I feel blue

That is all I'm waiting for
Your love and nothing more

And that is all

Silence often says much more
Than trying to say what's been
said before.
But that is all I want to do
To give my love to you
That is all I'm living for,
Please let me love you more - and
that is all

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