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Amazon offers Stealing Fire (Audio CD),07 October, 2003
rock music |  Bruce Cockburn  | rock n roll List price $17.98
Kick at the Darkness Till It Bleeds Daylight / 5
How many artists do you know that U2 quotes in their songs? That line, from Cockburn's "Lovers In A Dangerous Time," eventually made its way into the U2 canon ("God Pt 2"). But it belongs to Cockburn, and is on this, his most perfectly politically charged album. The song "Nicaragua" sounded close enough to sympathizing with the rebels that it even found Cockburn under fire from the Reagan Administration. But it was the naked fury of "If I Had A Rocket Launcher" that drives the point home. The frustration and helplessness fueling the rage that would make a person declare "if I had a rocket launcher, some sonofab*#ch would die" is universal, and it gave Cockburn one of his best known songs.

The compositions on "Stealing Fire" were inspired by Cockburn's fact finding trek with OXFAM through Mexico and Latin America, and they put the face on the political turmoil of the region at that time. "Peggy's Kitchen Wall" nakedly shows the true scope of what warring governments would rather have you not see, and "Sahara Gold" paints a shimmering portrait of the region. Cockburn's always had a fine eye for detail, and that shows in both "Gold" and in "Dust and Diesel" (the original album closer).

In 1984, only Peter Gabriel and U2 were making statements as grand as Cockburn's "Stealing Fire," and outside of The Clash, there has never been an anti-war statement as anger-filled as "Rocket Launcher." Twenty years later, "Stealing Fire" still burns with the sound of the truth.

(PS - the bonus tracks, after the graceful mix of the original album, sound forced and didactic. Once again, proof that some unreleased songs should stay that way.)

Song "Dust And Diesel"
Battered buses jammed up to the roof Dust and diesel the prevailing themes Farmer sleeping on the truck in front Feet trailing over like he's trolling for dreams Smiling girl directing traffic flow .45 strapped over cotton print dress Marimba-brown and graceful limbs Give me a moment of loneliness

Dust and diesel Rise like incense from the road Smoke of offering For the revolution morning

Headlights pick out fallen sack of corn One lone tarantula standing guard We pull up and stop and she ambles off Discretion much the better part of cars Rodrigo the government driver jumps out He's got chickens who can use the feed We sweep the asphalt on our hands and knees Fill up his trunk with dusty yellow seeds

Dust and diesel Rise like incense from the road Smoke of offering For the revolution morning

Guitars and rifles in blue moonlight Soldiers stretched out on sparkling grass Engine broke down -- they took us in now we make music for the time to pass Tired men and women raise their voice to the night Hope the fragile bloom they've grown will last Pride and passion and love and fear Burning hearts burning boats of the past

Dust and diesel Rise like incense from the road Smoke of offering For the revolution morning

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