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Gosse's Dare Pages
News and discography.
Musical Crossroads: Dare
RealAudio files.
Rocken's Place
Dare discography and links.
Sacred Ground
Unofficial Dare webzine. Includes news, discography, history, RealAudio files, and a message board.
Darren Wharton and Dare
Interview with Darren focuses on several Dare albums.
Official site. Darren Wharton offers a unique look behind the scenes with Dare and Thin Lizzy.
Amazon offers Cant Break Me (Audio CD),21 April, 2005
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Ovid Technologies Field Guide
Overview: Evidence Based Medicine Reviews Collection | DARE ... The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) is the latest addition to Ovid's ...
Dare [Remastered] - Human League (The) : Read reviews and compare ...
Read reviews and compare prices for Dare [Remastered] - Human League (The)
NHS CRD Database of Reviews of Effectiveness
Databases of Reviews of Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness. Authoritative reviews of Journal Articles in Health Care and Health Economics.
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Totally different -- and really great (The Record)
Quick description: This is the third release from the Portland, Ore., band, but the first album that will garner them attention from the music press. Experimental, quirky, but incredibly good by conventional rock tastes, "Friend & Foe" is the first great album of 2007.
Musicians are an odd sort. It's been my experience that the average musician thinks differently, acts differently, wears their hair differently and sometimes even walks differently than most of us regular folk. Because of this, there's an unspoken bond between the local bands in South Mississippi. Except, perhaps, for this one.
Voices of Reed Provide Vocal Experience, Excitement (KBTX 3 Bryan/College Sta...
Chace Murphy and Mark Edwards would be the first to tell you they aren't the stars of the show at Reed Arena. But they certainly play a big part in the Aggie basketball experience as the arena's public address announcers.
McCain Mutiny (The Nation via Yahoo! News)
The Nation -- Just as the presidential nomination process begins in earnest, Senator John McCain has suffered a stinging defeat in his home state.
Should we still be in Iraq? (Ridgecrest Daily Independent)
With everything that's been going on in our country, should we still be trying to save Iraq or should we be concentrating on saving our selves?
Nickelback gives fans a home town feel (Seattle Times)
For singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger it wasn't so much the kick-off show on the last leg of Nickelback's "All The Right Reasons" tour as it was a gig in his own backyard.
Regional News Briefs (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Milwaukee County Two move on to April municipal judge race The city Board of Election...
'PRIDE' of Philadelphia: Classic Philly Soul Goes Hand in Hand With True Insp...
Combining the real-life story of hard-won victory with the classic music of its time, the upcoming Lionsgate film PRIDE, which will be released March 23, 2007, is a powerful tribute to a unique and charismatic hero, the youngsters he inspired, and the timeless music of Philadelphia.
Consequences of Little Decisions' shows man's journey (
After finishing a long set on stage, Rich Francisco shared drinks at the bar with fans and friends. After saying goodbye to fellow band members, he packed his guitar away and prepared himself for the trek home. After swallowing the last sip of his drink, he jumped behind the wheel and drove away.
Economic Front (
It?s extremely important to remember that the U.S. is the world?s largest debtor nation. We must borrow money every day to finance our deficit spending.

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