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Amazon offers My Ride's Here (Audio CD),07 May, 2002
rock music |  Warren Zevon  | rock n roll List price $19.98
No Albom in my Zevon, please / 3
My Ride's Here contains some great songs, a few fair cuts, and two really substandard tracks. "Sacrificial Lambs", "Basket Case", "Genius", and "Laissez-Moi Tranquille" all show Zevon trying out new and wildly divergent techniques in production and arrangement. "Basket Case," in particular, features a great vocodered (?), syncopated vocal break right out of Walter Carlos's playbook. "Lord Byron's Luggage" and "Macgillicudy's Reeks" find Warren using Celtic cliches to good effect. The final pair of songs are closer to old-school Zevon in production.
There's a bit of self-plagiarism (from "Life'll Kill You") here, though: "Basket Case" bears some considerable melodic resemblance to the easily superior "Porcelain Monkey", and "Lord Byron's Luggage" is a fairly straightforward rewrite of "Dirty Little Religion" -- which is fine with me, since this one's much better.

The album's real weak spot is in the middle, the album's two longest songs. I had expected great things from a collaboration with HST. While the lyrics to "You're a Whole Different Person..." are decent, the music is nothing but dull. I had no such hopes for "Hit Somebody!", but the very accurate hockey references made me smile at first. The end of the story, though, telegraphed from miles away, could only have come from Mitch Albom -- and David Letterman's off-beat contributions are nothing short of painful. Zevon's proved in the past, with "Boom Boom Mancini", that sports songs don't have to be novelty tunes, but this is a bad example of the genre.

Of his final albums, "Life'll Kill You" and "The Wind" are both stronger than this one.

Song "Johnny strikes up the band"
Dry your eyes, my little friend
Let me take you by the hand
Freddie get ready
Rock steady
When Johnny strikes up the band

They'll be rocking in the projects
Walking down along the strand
Freddie get ready
Rock steady
When Johnny strikes up the band
When Johnny strikes up the...
When Johnny strikes up the...
When Johnny strikes up the band

And Johnny is my main man
He's the keeper of the keys
He'll put your mind at ease
He's guaranteed to please
Back by popular demand

Look around, my little friend
Jubilation in the land
Freddie get ready
Rock steady
When Johnny strikes up the band
When Johnny strikes up the...
When Johnny strikes up the...
When Johnny strikes up the band

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