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Amazon offers Strange But True (Audio CD),20 October, 1998
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A fairly good Fair release / 3
There's something I kinda hate to love with this Fair, which possibly makes my rating not that very fair, yet after all I keep finding his records and would not like to miss those I can get, I always liked his art works, which probably is one main reason, this release is interesting and is one of those when Fair with friends try to make it sound special, I can't say they succeed too well, but it still has that weird air around it that makes it a typical Fair work, not one of his best ones, but certainly fair and very unfairly underrated.
Song "Paul Is Dead"
Walking on 10th Street
The guy in front of me, Walkman, headphones on, Stones cranked
The thing that caught my ear, singing loud and clear
Well every couple of steps I heard "Woo-woo"
And he said it so un-self-consciously
That never it would occur to me that
He revealed himself
and I'd offer a blue

I was drunk the night we met, I might try to forget
Except I know so were you
I don't really care, cause we went on from there
And I try not to hide from what is true
The other night I had this dream
You told me what you want from me
I gave it to you instantly
and I woke up without a clue

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