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Amazon offers Slain by Yatsura (Audio CD),22 September, 1998
rock music |  Urusei Yatsura  | rock n roll List price $11.98
Hit me with those Glo Starz / 4
Dirty, sleazy and snot-nosed, that's what Urusei Yatsura are. Thankfully, they took up guitars, mics and drums and went about making their trashy, glam-punk-pop tunes, rather than kicking around the social and the estates in their native Glasgow, drinking Tennant's Special and abusing passers-by. Twinned with their obvious love of loud guitars is a serious and intelligent lyricism - for every Glo Starz self-confident sneer ("I can see your point, yeah I can see your point, yeah I can see your point, but mine's better!") there is the tender, fragile (and completely psychotic) "King of Lazy". But don't buy "Slain By Yatsura" because you want to listen and nod your head in sage agreement - buy it because you want to pogo and sing along like the teenager you are.
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dOc DVD Review: Urusei Yatsura TV #7 (1982)
Urusei Yatsura still entertains as one of my favorite anime series. The situations are wacky, the characters priceless, and the mischief non-stop. Forums: DVD Review: Urusei Yatsura Movie 1
Subject Topic: DVD Review: Urusei Yatsura Movie 1, Post Reply · Post New Topic ... This is the 1st of six Urusei Yatsura theatrical releases that were ...
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