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White Zombie song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
Ryan's White Zombie Page
Includes lyrics, tablatures, and sound sources.
The Blood Curdeling Zombie House
White Zombie fan site with a biography, a discography, lyrics, and pictures.
Personal web site of Ivan de Prume, White Zombie's second drummer.
Seiral's White Zombie Page
White Zombie information, reviews on the major albums, and articles from the media.
Zombone's White Zombie Page
Fan site with lyrics, sample sources, multimedia, and a discography.
Voyage to the Voodoo Moon
A great page devoted to the early years of White Zombie.
Astrocreep 2001
Fan site that includes images and lyrics.
Amazon offers Make Them Die Slowly (Audio CD),25 June, 1993
rock music |  White Zombie  | rock n roll List price $15.98
Un-noticed classic... / 3
It's been about 10 years since I've even listened to it, but as of today, I can officially say it's classic. This is very traditional thrash sounding. Horrible production, but hey, they were on Caroline back in the day and every good thrash band at first had horrible production. A little bit of typical Zombie doom n' gloom as well, although the lyrics weren't quite as vague and they would later become. Fans of early Metallica and "South Of Heaven/Seasons In The Abyss" era Slayer should be able to find something they like in this album. Definitely not the sound of the White Zombie you heard on the radio, but not too far off as well. I'd even go so far as to give this 4/5 stars had the production quality not been so low... but just turn it up! Not to mention the bass and treble as well...
Song "Grease, Paint, & Monkey Brains"
[oohh] death is on the midway,
Gambling with souls
Roulette on the wire,
Ace is in the hole
I sink beneath the feeling,
Moon is in my hands
A crooked wheel of twenty-one - I just don’t understand

No!!! laugh!!! - yeah!! - drown and laugh!!
[your life is over!!]

(there’s a lot of people at work on it now.
It tried to run.
There’s a lot of people at work on it now.
It tried to run.

If God is the dealer, why do we never win?
A bloody mix of silk and mud that starts all over again!

No!!! laugh!!! - yeah!! - drown and laugh!!

[your life is over!!]
Yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!

Clowns they scare the children
Roll around the ring
The animals, they wanna kill
Anyone - anything!!

Laugh!!! - yeah!! - drown and laugh!!
[your life is over!!]

Laugh!!! - yeah!! - drown and laugh!!
[your life is over!!]

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(PR) Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS & White Zombie drummer Ivan DePrume) have announced the completion of a new music video for their song "Beneath The Living" which is featured in the upcoming psychological cult thriller film entitled "Devil Girl". The video was directed by the movie's director, Howie Askins of Monkey Man Films.
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Scum of the Earth Find Drummer (antiMUSIC)
(PR) Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS) have announced that Ivan DePrume has joined the band.
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When The Rock unofficially decided, several years ago, that he'd like to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, someone must've sensed an opening down the action-hero totem pole; who's going to be the next Jean-Claude Van Damme, the next Chuck Norris, or the next The Rock, for that matter?
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