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KAOS 2000 Magazine: Steve Walsh
Interview with the Kansas lead singer by Phil Anderson.
House of Shred, The: Steve Walsh
Interview with the Kansas lead singer by Henry Bocanegra.
Steve Walsh
Official site with news, interview, biography, discography, gallery, and links page.
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Telephone interview (Real Audio) with the Kansas lead singer by Gary Sauer.
Amazon offers Schemer Dreamer (Audio CD),10 September, 2002
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Song "Shadowman"
Any time tomorrow I will lie and say I'm fine
I'll say yes when I mean no
And any time tomorrow
The sun will cease to shine
There's a shadowman who told me so

Any time tomorrow the rain will play a part
Of a play I used to know
Like no other
Used to know it all by heart
But a shadowman inside has let it go

Oh no, let go of my hand
Oh no, not now I'm down, my friend
You came to me anew
Or was it me who came to you

Any time tomorrow a part of me will die
And a new one will be born
Any time tomorrow
I'll get sick of asking why
Sick of all the darkness I have worn

Any time tomorrow
I will try to do what's right
Making sense of all I can
Any time tomorrow
I'll pretend to see the light
I just might

Oh here's the sun again
Isn't it appealing to recline
Get blinded and to go into the light again
Doesn't it make you sad
To see so much love denied
See nothing but a shadowman inside


Oh, if you're coming down to rescue me
Now would be perfect
Please, if you're coming down to rescue me
Now would be perfect :: Album Reviews
WALSH, STEVE Shadowman © 2005 Frontiers Records (FR CD 249) progressive rock studio album 8 tracks - TT 48:59 release date: July 4, ... Most recent reviews ...
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