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Amazon offers All Because of You (Audio CD),03 January, 2006
rock music |  U2  | rock n roll List price $13.99
Song "Promenade"
Earth, sky, scenery.
Is she coming back again?
Men of straw, snooker hall.
Words that build or destroy
Dirt dry, bone, sand and stone.
Barbed wire fence cut me down.
I'd like to be around in a spiral staircase
To the higher ground.

And I, like a firework, explode.
Roman candle, lightning, lights up the sky.
In cracked streets, trample underfoot.
Side-step, sidewalk.
I see you stare into space.
Have I got closer now, behind the face?

Oh, tell me, Cherry you dance with me
Turn me around tonight
Up through the spiral staircase to the higher ground.
Slide show, seaside town.
Coca-cola, football radio, radio, radio, radio, radio, radio.

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16 reviews. Compare prices >. found in 5 shops £6.40. War - U2Go to Ciao catalogue ... Review of U2 - Elevation 2001 - Live In Boston (Two Discs) by gingaro ...
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Review of Tampa and Miami show (where I met U2). Check out pictures of this event! We got to Houlihan's Stadium, Tampa around 5:00pm hoping to catch a ... - Review: U2's 'Bomb' fails to explode - Nov 30, 2004
U2 tends to remind me of middle-period Who: two bands whose pretensions are usually undercut -- beneficially -- by punkish roots and crack musicianship. - 'Bomb' flattens doubts about U2
Review: Proof U2 is rock's lone super power · Gallery: From Boy to Bomb · U2 says Hall of Fame can wait · U2, alive and ticking ...
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U2 Tribute Band Vertigo USA "Hustles Up The Hancock" with American Lung Assoc...
The OfficeMax Hustle Up The Hancock, Feb 25, is one of the most popular stair climbs in the United States. Registration for the sold-out 2007 event opened and closed within 31 minutes in November. Hustle will raise more than $1,000,000 to support research and education programs of the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago. U2 Tribute band, Vertigo USA performs at the post climb expo ...
Arcade Fire slams U2 and Oasis for manipulation (
London, Feb 22 The band Arcade Fire is criticising U2 and Oasis for their marketing strategies to 'force' people to like their music.
Arcade Fire vs. U2 (Yahoo! Music via Yahoo! News)
Arcade Fire have accused U2, Oasis, and the Rolling Stones of being obsessed with taking over the world, calling it "a total crock of sh-t".
[UMNS-ALL-NEWS] UMNS# 081-'U2charist' combines U2 music, Eucharist (Worldwide...
MONTPELIER, Vt. (UMNS) - When the Rev. Mitchell Hay heard that local caf=E9 owner Jay Ekis was starting an 80s cover band with three musician friends, he asked the guitarist if they knew any U2 music. It sounded like a good idea, said Ekis about playing the songs of the popular Irish rock band. We love the music, we love U2, and we definitely wanted to share it with people.
Critic's pick (San Jose Mercury News)
Francisco Ordaz Sal Hernndez of JaguaresCRITIC'SPICK MUSIC Rock without borders Mexico's Jaguares aren't quite U2 in terms of world popularity but aren't far from it in terms of talent. The band, fronted by singer Saul Hernandez and guitarist Cesar Lopez (``Vampiro''), evokes that same hard-edged, swirling anthemic rock. The beautiful, thoughtful lyrics can easily get you chanting along to ...
British band Bloc Party slows down on sophomore release (The Dartmouth)
With their latest release, "A Weekend In The City," Bloc Party has managed to avoid the ever-threatening sophomore slump, turning out a record that is older, wiser and more polished than their debut, "Silent Alarm." Unfortunately, the band doesn't ma...
THE Ataris concert at the Bowery Ballroom Wednesday seemed as doomed as the computer games from which the band snagged its moniker. The guitars wouldn?t stay in tune, the sound was sucking so hard that your ears popped, and the audience seemed to...
Snow Patrol's North American run takes off in the Northwest (Seattle Post-Int...
Snow Patrol performs Tuesday night with opening act Silversun Pickups at KeyArena as part of its current North American tour. The Scottish rock band was nominated this year for two Brit Awards and a Grammy.
Meet the band: My Dying Wish (York Daily Record)
Where'd the name come from? We've all played in bands before, and we all have our sights on doing this for a living. It really stands for a last stand or hope and not taking no for an answer.
Party On (Entertainment Weekly)
OKEREKE (SECOND FROM RIGHT) ''It was mildly infuriating for us to always have people think we're referencing Gang of Four, when no one in the band particularly liked [that] sound.''

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