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Amazon offers You're the One for Me (Audio CD),16 November, 1992
rock music |  Train  | rock n roll List price $28.99
Awesome, and just down-right FUNKY! / 5
This cd by D Train is timeless. It sounds just as fresh now and it did when it was originally released. I just can't stop listening to it. I especially enjoy the uplifting lyrics of "Keep On." I sure hope they plan a visit to the SF Bay Area.....and SOON!
Song "If You Leave"
Sweet dreams from Texaco, and I know your mind is on
its way to Mexico, sweet Jesus is on his way to take
you on his way down
You get your fill of what you like and you fill your head
with what you might want yourself to be when you're ready
But if you leave
It's gonna get a little easier to break down
And if you leave
It's gonna get a little bit easier for you to break down
My new dress is your new way out, my new way is your new
dress, and you look fine
But your new belief is my regret and my regret
leaves you to believe that we have found the line
And if you leave
Take me along, anywhere is ok
And if you leave
Take me along, anywhere is ok
Think back and you can feel me movin through you
It's easy when you try
Think back and you can feel me
Well you won't feel me
You can't feel me if you leave
And if you leave
You won't feel me

BookPage Fiction Review: Night Train
Review by James William Brown. American kitsch is probably more interesting outside the US ... This train takes you into the night and leaves you there." ...
Allthings2all: Review: To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl
Perspectives on arts, literature, science, spirituality, religions, cults, culture, and society.
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Waitin' on a Train (York Daily Record)
Feb 22, 2007 ? Normally, a CD release party is a festive event for any band - beer, friends and, of course, good live music. All of those elements will be present at Waitin' on a Train's party for their new disc, "In the Path of Pain," but the occasion will still be a bittersweet one.
Harrison Goblin Band hosts Mardi Gras celebration (Harrison Daily Times)
Special to the Times The Harrison High School Jazz Band will perform at the 4th annual Mardi Gras Celebration, Let the Good Times Roll. The event will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24, at the Harrison High School Commons area.
'TRAIN' ON TRACK (New York Post)
GET onboard tomorrow, when the O'Jays bring the sound of Philadelphia to the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts (on the campus of Lehman College; 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, The Bronx; [718] 960-8833). The group, which was inducted into the...
Catch the Zanes train in Camden (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Fresh off a Grammy win for Best Musical Album for Children, Dan Zanes and Friends will perform two shows at the Gordon Theater in Camden this weekend.
Killswitch engage (Boston Globe)
You can't keep a good metal band down. On its recent European tour, Killswitch Engage was faced with a barrage of major obstacles including, but not limited to, miserable weather, lead singer Howard Jones's serious chest cold, and, the biggest blow, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz's emergency back surgery in London.
Early buzz: Pre-NYC edition (USA Today)
Hello! I'm taking the train to New York this morning, so you're getting a super-early edition of the buzz. You may not hear from me again until tonight, but I will be posting updates from Comic Con Saturday and Sunday....
The Glasspack drops 'Dirty Women' (Louisville Courier-Journal)
No band rocks harder or with more unwavering conviction than The Glasspack. If leader "Dirty" Dave Johnson were a supervillain, he'd use his guitar as an instrument of sonic destruction, making people's heads explode from 30 paces with his monster, stoner riffs. The Glasspack's new album, "Dirty Women," will be released Tuesday on Small Stone Records. The band is celebrating with a show Sunday at ...
It's now an elite gathering (Boston Globe)
For decades, indoor track was like vaudeville. There was an established circuit -- Washington, Philadelphia, Cleveland, New York, Boston -- with an event nearly every winter weekend and competitors and officials traveling by train.
Augusta City Council discusses train speeds, hazardous material (The Ledger I...
AUGUSTA -- A possible increase in speeds for trains passing through town drew the attention of Augusta City Council, Wednesday. "I was told that the railroad wants to increase the speed limit through town to 45 miles per hour," said Mary Zeigler, council member. "I do not want this."
Mid-valley man dies in Washington state (Albany Democrat-Herald)
A man from the mid-valley was killed near Castle Rock, Wash., last week when he was walking near railroad tracks and was struck by a train. He was identified as Daniel Dean Daily, 56, the Longview Daily News reported.

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