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Amazon offers Big Shot in the Dark (Audio CD),27 August, 1991
rock music |  Timbuk 3  | rock n roll List price $13.98
Some of the songs are full of ideas / 4
This might be too grim to be funny. "God Made an Angel" has some more already in the first verse, "Each one less perfect Than the one before." The second verse starts with:

Malice in wonderland
Days of guns and roses.

These songs from 1989 and 1990 have printed lyrics in the CD liner notes that show in depth knowledge of the intellectual issues of the times:

Lately she's been hanging out with that
Cross-dressin counter-culture guru casanova.

The third song, "Two Medicines," on laughter and tears, places the final critique of anyone who takes this too seriously on a tombstone:

His final years were such a waste
That when he died his dear wife placed
Upon his grave this epitaph:
His life was so funny he forgot to laugh.

I like the tension in "The Border Crossing." Most of the songs on this CD seem based in the blues, and it is rare for such a song to exude such innocence while admitting:

I know I'm quite a mess
If I were a smuggler

I'd have much more finesse
Yes if I were a smuggler
I'd breeze across this border
My clothes a bit conservative
My papers all in order.

The best criticism on the CD is the line "You had it right the first time" in the song "Big Shot in the Dark." The line "Back when money was the root of all evil" is also so good it is used twice; first, "Back before you finally grew up," and finally, "Now you just can't seem to get enough." This song makes being an adult about the last thing that anyone would want to be.

You used to feel like a babe in the woods
Livin out of your little gunny sack
You used to be a cry in the wilderness
Now you're just another lumberjack

You had it right the first time.

The song " (was made for You & Me)" has verses that end with "I'm going to Disneyland," "We're all going to Disneyland," so of course "And then we'll all be together in Disneyland." The serious side of this song is about some attempt to prove that nothing is sacred, but we will still be together in our kind of heaven. This is not the most famous song that ever used the line "I'm going to Disneyland."

There are a lot of lines worth liking in "The Little Things," especially:

One never knows
What one may be missin
If you talk to the flowers
But you never listen. Greetings from Timbuk 3: Music
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