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The Fish Tank
Includes interviews, album credits, lyrics, and fan stories.
Amazon offers Three Fish (Audio CD),11 June, 1996
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Not only a listen, but an experience / 5
I bought this cd on a guess and guessed right. It quite an amazing cd with its divulge into different musical areas.It has alot of eastern and tribal vibes to it.Robbi Robb has an almost robert plant quality to his voice and the music is quite interesting at the least.Dont compare Jeff Ament's work with Three Fish with his work with pearljam though. This cd is more of a earthly world music. It was well worth the money if you are into different musical styles
Song "Secret Place"
There’s a secret place, hidden deep and far away.
Where life is but a dream. Like a fairytale it seems.
All the leaves are green. Gentle kisses, gentle breeze.
Underneath the shade, where we waste the days away.

Deep within the trees, mountains and streams.
Is my secret place for always.
Deep within my soul, I’ll always know.
Of a fantasy place faraway.

There’s a secret place, where our love will always stay.
Forever in time, like the stars up in the sky.
Flowers all around. Magic moments, magic sounds.
Where life is but a dream. Like a fairytale it seems.


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