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Sunk Loto
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Amazon offers Everything Everyway (Audio CD),09 October, 2003
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Just another "nu-metal" band?!?! / 3
In this days we live it's becoming rare listening to something new and original. I've got the full album of this guys and in my opinion they dont bring nothing new to the metal arena... They rock in songs like "5 Years of Silence", "Help" (that could be a song from Ill Ni?o 'cause in my opinion it's sounds like it!),
"Everything Everyway" (You start listening and after a few seconds you think...dammm!! Sounds like BQAD from Deftones! the riff is almost the same...), "Burning Bridges" it's also a good song to the people in the mosh pit, and the rest of songs it's just more of "nu-metal" style... In geral they sound like a mix of Ill Ni?o, Boiller Room, Deftones...and if you like this bands then you will enjoy (or not) Sunk Loto. But if you want something new in "nu-metal" (if it?s possible!!) then you should keep on searching...

And after this i ask:
Is Sunk Loto just another "nu-metal" band?
The answer is YES!
The bands inside the "nu-metal" arena, you just need to listening to a few songs and after that, the songs turns boring and dull...This bands have lack of xperience...they want to create something that you need years to accomplish as a band, like the band Deftones for example! They've been rockin since the 1990!!! Ok, that there 1st album only came out in '95 and they still rock after all those years and bands like Sunk Loto, Ill Ni?o, [Minus](their is another band called Minus from Iceland that plays a totally different sound!Check out the "Jesus Christ Body" and the new "Halldor Laxness" cd!:)), 40 Below Summer and many others bands, just try to do something new based on music created by the (great) Deftones and Korn that are the "father's" of to day's "nu-metal" music.

I think the world is getting tired of "nu-metal"... STOP making "NEW(?)-METAL"!!! The guys that make this kinda music should put their heads and hearts into the music and not the JUMP AROUND RULE!!!! PLEASE MAKE MUSIC BY NOT COPYCAT EACH OTHER!!!
Song "11"
Sick of the fuck ups and all the shit that lingers around
On your conscience and the everyday parasites
That itch up your skin of a night
Until they scratch the pigment away
Bored of all the shit that hangs around
'Til I desensitise myself
I desensitise myself

I cannot tolerate a single moment of electricity
Stay with, stay with me...

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