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For my money Stereo Total are the greatest contemporary pop band in the known universe (a recent article in the respected British newspaper the Guardian strongly agreed with me on this). Their music is of the past, of the future and of the NOW. There songs are sexy, funny, melodic, beautiful, true, dumb, intelligent, witty and inventive. They reflect the trully international nature of popular culture and their music contains references from Germany's Kraftwerk and their revolution in electronic pop, France's Ye Ye pop and Gainsbourg, the dark comic book rock 'n' roll of the Cramps, Japanese anime, hip hop, NYC punk, techno and a whole lot more. Despite all these reference points they never come across as too knowing, because of a beautiful amateur purity, joy and commitment that they bring to all their work. I now own 3 copies of this wonderful album: an original German vinyl edition, a UK cd version and this newest American issue... featuring the superior in French reading of L'Amour a 3 and lots of cool bonus tracks. If you think you only need one edition this is probably it. This is pop music at it's heroic best. When I first discovered the Beach Boys duo of masterpieces, Pet Sounds and Love You, I felt my life had been changed forever... I felt reborn, I wanted to tell the whole world about it. I never thought I would find a contemporary band that would me feel quite that way but I have and their name, just in case you haven't already guessed it, is STEREO TOTAL.

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Song "Holiday Inn"
When you look into my eyes
I feel like in paradise
Let's go to a Holiday Innn
And I will show you somethin'
That you never saw before
And you'll like it more and more
It's a particularity
A little bit strange but really funny

Let's go to a Holiday Innn
And I will show you somethin'
Let's go to a Holiday Innn
To a Holiday Innn and I'll show you somethin'

Later you will laugh when you'll remember it
It will be drawned in your mind for eternity
I call it "it" because I don't want
To tell you now what it exactly is
It's a pity that I couldn't shut my mouth
Such a pity, really, because
I would love to see you when you discover it
If you wouldn't be warned about it.
Let's go to a Holiday Innn...

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