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Amazon offers Steppenwolf: All Time Greatest Hits (Audio CD),23 November, 1999
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Song "Draft Resister"

He was talkin' 'bout the army while he passed his pipe around
An American deserter who found peace on Swedish ground
He had joined to seek adventure and to prove himself a man
But they tried to crush his spirit 'til his conscience ruined their plans
And we thought of those who suffer for the sake of honesty
All those who refuse to follow traitors to humanity

Here's to all the draft resisters who will fight for sanity
When they march them off to prison in this land of liberty

Heed the threat and awesome power of the mighty Pentagon
Which is wasting precious millions on the toys of Washington

Don't forget the Draft Resisters and their silent, lonely plea
When they march them off to prison, they will go for you and me

Shame, disgrace and all dishonor, wrongly placed upon their heads
Will not rob them of the courage which betrays the innocent

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