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Resources for Status Quo collectors.
Record and CD Collector's Site: Status Quo
Detailed discography.
The Quo Picture Page
Various images of the band through the years.
Status Quo in North America
Dedicated to fans of the band in North America.
Ode To Quo
Australian Status Quo page including poetry about the band written by a fan.
Robert's Guitarpage
Status Quo MP3s, images and guitar tablature.
Status Quo Lyrics and Guitar Tabs
A collection of lyrics and guitar tablature.
My Own Status Quo Page
One fan's recollections of the band including an annotated biography.
Status Quo
Official site of the U.K. rock band. Information about the band, mailing list information, a forum, and tour dates.
Beginner's Guide to Status Quo
Band overview, discography and links.
Amazon offers Blue for You (Audio CD),19 April, 2005
rock music |  Quo  | rock n roll List price $15.99
The Best Of The Lot.... / 5
If you've made it this far, no doubt you're one of the few, the proud, a member of the "Quo Army"....debating on whether to purchase this remaster. I've purchased all of the Quo remasters and "Blue For You" comes away as the clear cut winner as "best of the lot". Clearest sound, best enhancements with minimal distortion in the higher, "treble" frequencies compared to the other releases. The bonus tracks leave much to be desired, but not enough to drop this great album below 5 stars. "Mystery Song" is worth the price of this purchase alone!! I purchased the dreadful import 2 on 1 cd containing "Quo" & "Blue For You" awhile back, this remaster (as well as the "Quo" remaster) blows the "2 for 1" release away. The upgrade here is phenomenal. If you have this on vinyl or any other previously released cd version, add this to cart now. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Status Quo MP3 Downloads - Status Quo Music Downloads - Status Quo ...
I absolutely love Status Quo. They, for me, are the epitome of English Rock. Simple chord structures, simple words, catchy lyrics and... Full Review ...
Status Quo Reviews on Yahoo! Music
Yahoo! Music is the best source of information about Status Quo, including ringtones, bio, downloads, radio, discography, similar artists, reviews, groups, ...
Status Quo at Thomas Boqvist
Two more days passed, and my letter was published as an aswer to what, in my opinion, had been the worst review of Status Quo ever written (at least in our ...
NATO nuclear review endorses status quo
Project Ploughshares promotes disarmament and demilitarization, the peaceful resolution of political conflict, and the pursuit of security based on equity, ...
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'Friend and Foe' (Penn State Collegian)
There's something to be said for the ambition that experimental rock bands have. Look at artists like Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Sonic Youth -- artists that took the status quo of rock and pushed it in new directions, creating a new status quo.
CD reviews for October 5, 2006: "New Horizons," Ryan Haines Big Band; "The Ve...
Published Oct 05, 2006 - 14:39:44 CDT. This column?s releases were a pleasure to hear and critique.
Fame worthy events slated for weekend (Asbury Park Press)
Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with actor Matthew Fox in the lobby of the Chateau Marmot in Beverly Hills and talk about his hit TV drama, LOST, which airs Wednesday nights on ABC. What follows is an abridged version of our chat:
Tony Furtado Crunches The Numbers (
It seems wholly appropriate that when I interview Tony Furtado , he's on the road. Furtado's frequently changed his location, eliminating the status quo as a means to personal and professional growth.
'Amazing Grace' (
The sweet sound of an important new movie
School redistricting opposed in SW Valley (The Arizona Republic)
A band of southwest Valley school districts is telling the state School District Redistricting Commission that it's too early to redraw boundary lines because growth is carrying so much momentum in the region.
Schools ask for added time to redraw boundaries (The Arizona Republic)
A band of Southwest Valley school districts recently told the state that it's too early to redraw boundary lines because growth is carrying so much momentum in the region.
Castle, other GOP foes of troop increase, span political spectrum (The News J...
Numbering a dozen or more, members of this group of House Republicans have emerged as some of the most prominent opponents of the plan to increase troop presence in Iraq. They admit to being a rag-tag band who have no real organization, no scheduled meetings, and little political cohesion.
A little avarice is just the cost of doing ballpark business (Mankato Free Pr...
OK, time to end this nonsense. It?s time for Carl Pohlad to shuffle in and just pony up. The Twins ballpark fiasco has come down to good old-fashioned avarice now, and Pohlad knows how to play that game far better than the elected amateurs who are botching the job.
Broad Swath of GOP Defecting on Iraq Vote (Washington Post)
From the moderate suburbs of Delaware to the rural, conservative valleys of eastern Tennessee, House Republican opponents of President Bush's latest Iraq war plan cut across the GOP's ideological and regional spectrum.

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