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A detailed profile and discography from Last Sigh Magazine.
"Skinny Puppy Reunites for Festival", by Klint Finley.
Skinny Puppy history, discography, side projects and lyrics.
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Index of pages about Skinny Puppy; listing of sites and membership form.
Amazon offers The Process (Audio CD),10 August, 1999
rock music |  Skinny Puppy  | rock n roll List price $9.98
Dark, brilliant, beautiful masterpiece...great way to go out / 5
What more can possibly be said about the amazing industrial/electronic band that was Skinny Puppy? All of their albums are amazing, but this is the first one I bought and for a final album, I must say they could not have picked a better note to go out on. I guess after 13 years and the tragic death of original member Dwayne a year before this cd's release, the Puppy boys just decided to call it quits. They must have known they were entering that studio for one last masterpiece...and that is just what this album is...a masterpiece. From the off-the-wall sample-driven opener "Jahya" to experimentals such as "Candle" and to the awesome "ballad"(?) of "Cult" this cd shows every side of Skinny Puppy, from the abrasive, noisy industrial that they were known for back in the day, and the more melodic side they showed by the end of their careers, every song paints a dark, desolate picture of it's own unique brilliance. Songs like "Death" go back to the heavier, more guitar-driven band the old school fans will know and love, and "Amnesia" (probably my favorite on this cd) is once again, showing somewhat more of their melodic side. I would highly recommend this to anybody new to this awesome band, but then again, I'd say that about ANY Puppy album. Buy this now, you will not regret it. I hope you fall in love with it as I did. Cheers, Skinny Puppy; take a bow, you deserve it. (RIP)
Song "Worlock"

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