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Includes biography, discography, pictures, articles, video file, and message board.
Brad's Paul Simon Guitar Tablature Page
Tablature, plus details of Simon's guitar tuning.
Cool River, The
A fan site for the Paul Simon-loving people on the web. Includes information and photographs.
Official site. Offers news, photos, lyrics, a discography and a list of recent concerts.
NYTimes review of Paul Simon concerts
The NYTimes reviews Paul Simon concerts in New York (2000).
Something So Right
A Paul Simon site with many links to other related sites.
Paul Simon
Site by a french fan, very nice: Helps fans to find each other during concerts!
Amazon offers One Trick Pony (Audio CD),13 July, 2004
rock music |  Paul Simon  | rock n roll List price $18.98
His best album concept, start to finish. / 5
Never saw the film, but from the moment I purchased this album new in 1980 it has always been one of my favorite LPs. The effervescent first track, "Late in the Evening," is both descriptive and not, for "One Trick Pony" is a late-in-the-evening kind of record, but one you'll remember less for its three upbeat numbers than for its seven mellow session tracks performed with a terrific ensemble and some of Rhymin' Simon's most soulful writing this side of "Rene and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War." Indeed, I rarely play it before midnight anymore, and I sometimes sing the lyrics with Paul as a sort of late-night meditation. You purchase the Rhino version with the bonus tracks at your own risk, for the 10 tracks on the original are so complete, so satisfying taken as a whole, that I see no need to tamper with them.
Song "Duncan"
Couple in the next room bound to win a prize
They've been going out at all night long
Well, I'm trying to get some sleep
But these motel walls are cheap
Lincoln Duncan is my name
And here's my song, here's my song

My father was a fisherman, my mama was the fisherman's friend
And I was born in the boredom and the chowder
So when I reached my prime I left my home in the Maritimes
Headed down the turnpike
For New England, sweet New England

Holes in my confidence, holes in the knees of my jeans
I was left without a penny in my pocket
Oo-we I was about as destituted as a kid could be
And I wish I wore a ring
So I could hock it, I'd like to hock it

Seen a young girl in a parking lot was preaching to a crowd
Singing sacred songs and reading from the Bible
Well, I told her I was lost
And she told me all about the Pentecost
I've seen that girl was the road to my survival

Just later on the very same night
She crept in my tent with a flash light
And my long years of innocence ended
Well, she took me to the woods
Saying here comes something and it feels so good
And just like a dog I was befriended, I was befriended

Ooh, ooh, what a night, oh what a garden of delight
Even now that sweet memory lingers
I was playing my guitar, lying underneath the stars
Just thanking the Lord for my fingers, for my fingers

I know I know I know I know .... that
I know I know I know I know .... that

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