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Sci-Fi Prodigy
Band member Patrick Cross speaks on sci-fi, music, and the Star Trek weirdness.
Sci-Fi Prodigy
Official site with news, gig schedule, photographs, CD ordering information, and paranormal experiences.
Amazon offers Something Is Out There! (Audio CD),13 September, 1998
rock music |  Sci-Fi Prodigy  | rock n roll List price $14.99
Fantastic Ghost Investigations and Official sci-Fi Band! / 4
Amazing...New Sci-Fi Rock! This band plays eerie,haunting music with great effects and actual ghost sound recordings..if you are into aliens,ufos,the paranormal and real investigations of ghosts! check out this upcoming band from Toronto..they will make you believe!
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Sci-Fi Prodigy Patrick Cross - Patrick Cross, talks about his experiences as a Ghost Hunter, his haunted apartment, playing at Star Trek for Klingons and ... Something Is Out There!: Music
Something Is Out There!, Sci-Fi Prodigy! ... Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Search Customer Reviews (What's this?) ...
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