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Amazon offers Avalon (Audio CD),14 March, 2000
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Majestic, lovely, intelligent pop / 5
A month ago I'd never heard a single song by Roxy Music. But the month I've spent listening to Avalon compelled me to write a review to praise this dreamy piece of musical art.

Like its cover art, Avalon is a majestic work; if you've got a sunset handy, pair it with this record. We start with the single "More Than This," which I admit sounded familiar when I first heard it. It opens with some august guitar chords and a straight-ahead post-disco beat. Then Bryan Ferry's smooth vocals take over and you're in pop heaven. At first I wasn't real impressed, but the song has grown on me.

Next up is the spacey disco shuffle "The Space Between." Lyrics are terse, but it's one of the groovier moments here. The recording quality of Avalon is excellent and really shines on this track.

The beautiful and sly title track follows. Great rhythm, melody and mysterious lyrics make this a high point. The electric guitar flourishes during the single-word chorus add incredibly to the mood. A simple but pretty alto sax solo rounds out this perfect track.

"India" is an interesting little instrumental, serving as something of an intermission. "While My Heart is Still Beating" follows with a more melancholy mood and it's good, can be a letdown until you realise what's next!

The disco funk of "The Main Thing" is just what we need to pick up the pace again. I have no idea what this song is about and I don't care. It's wickedly funky and begs to be danced to. Another high point.

Fast forward to what I believe is the album's best track. "True to Life" is a amazingly lovely song. Its majestic, haunting, wistful melody is the perfect music for a Pacific sunset. The yearning guitar and Ferry's pensive vocals tell of regret, but the results are positively breathtaking.

So here we've a somewhat underrated classic, one that will leave you wanting more. Avalon is a scant 37 minutes, but I'm told Ferry's solo work is similar, which I can't wait to check out.

A fitting swan song to such an interesting body of work.

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