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Amazon offers Room Service (Audio CD),17 April, 2001
rock music |  Roxette  | rock n roll List price $29.99
Per Does what he does best, Great Dance/Rock/Pop albums / 5
It does not get more Polished and Catchy as this album. That's exactly what I've come to expect from Per, Marie, and Roxette, and this album from 2001 does Not dissapoint. It's Great Pop, Rock, and dance and some country feel in there too.

You get a high dosage of Roxette "sugar" in the first track "Real Sugar", Damn Catchy and danceable Rock Track.

The second track "Center of the Heart" continues with the mixture of Rock and Disco/Synth. So does the fourth track "Jefferson" with Per doing the vocals.

And I think Per totallly Goes Crazy with Rock/Dance on "Make My Head Go Pop", it feels like you're listening to ABBA or A-Teens.
"Fool" is also a Danceable Rock song with as much Catch to it as there can possibly be.

But Dance/Rock is not the only thing on this album. There are some GREAT slower Pop songs and Ballads. These really touch your heart!

"My World, My Love, My Life" - A Beauty of a song.
"Bring Me Down to My Knees" - also a Gorgeous Slow pop song.
"Try Just a Little Bit harder" - Slow, and Beautiful song.
"It Takes you no time to Get Here" - a Great Pop/Rock song.
"Milk, Toast and Honey" - a cute Pop song.
"Little Girl" - Marie wrote this one. A Very Upbeat and Catchy Pop song with some country feel to it.

So this album from 2001 is a Hit Factory, with Hit after another Hit. So what Changed? Nothing! That's what we fans of Rox have come to expect.

Per proves his musical Pop Genius once more.
Way to go Per and Marie! You Rock!

Thank You and Enjoy the CD
Song "Don’t Believe In Accidents"
Anything can happen
when I wind up alone with you
you put your finger on the things I like to do.
Anything can happen
there´s a feel in the air around you
commanding parts of me I never ever knew.
I want your love of flesh and blood
Hey you!
This was really meant to be
it´s for sure our destiny
making lovers out of friends
I don´t believe in accidents.
anything can happen
when you hit that electric room in me
I lose the time,the place and everything I see
well,anything can happen
there´s nothing else in the world I´d rather do
than to feed the secret dreams hidden in you.
You want the love of flesh and blood
Hey you!
This was really meant to be
it´s for sure our destiny
making lovers out of friends
I don´t believe in accidents.

Don´t believe in accidents...

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