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Raspberries, The
Up-to-date information about this '70s band with seven Hot 100 hits.
The Raspberries from
A review of "Refreshed", the album released in October 2000, featuring Wally Bryson, David Smalley, and Scott McCarl.
The Official Raspberries Website
Official site of the 1970s power pop band, Raspberries, featuring Eric Carmen. The group is back together and there's plenty of news!
Cleveland Scene: The Raspberries "Refreshed"
Review of the album by Jeff Niesel
Eric Carmen and The Raspberries Links
A massive collection of links to web sites with information on The Raspberries and the band's solo projects.
Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Raspberries
Article about their new EP "Refreshed" including interviews with Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley, and Jim Bonfanti.
Amazon offers Starting Over (Audio CD),19 April, 2005
rock music |  The Raspberries  | rock n roll List price $18.98
The fantastic finale! / 5
I hated to see this album end. Starting Over was a great way to kick off the new Raspberries, but the fun ended almost as soon as it started. Despite being ranked as one of the great albums of 1974, it didn't sell terribly well, and the band fell apart at the seams. After this, Eric would follow the unfortunate path toward adult easy listening with a few exceptions over the years such as the Tonight You're Mine album. Solid stuff, but kind of like being served a McDonalds cheeseburger when you were expecting a New York Strip. Starting Over is a great album from start to finish with only Wally's unfortunately prophetic "Party's Over" sounding anything like filler. "Overnight Sensation" is one of the great achievements of the AM era and I've always suspected that only it's length kept it from being the smash that it deserved to be. Scott McCarl's two contributions "Play On" and "Rose Coloured Glasses" definitely make one wonder what might have lay ahead for the fifth album. More than one of my friends mistook "I Don't Know What I Want" for a lost Who track and Michael McBride's furious mugging of his drum kit left little doubt that he could ably fill Jim Bonfanti's shoes. I don't know that this song ever got any kind of airplay, but I don't know how it didn't. (Can you tell it's my favorite from the album?) "Cruisin' Music" is further proof that Eric Carmen wrote better Beach Boys tunes than Brian Wilson in 1974, and the album closer "Starting Over" is another of the group's classic tracks. To this day, listening to Starting Over makes me think that four albums were far too few for the band to get the message across, and I've always wished for more. Thirty years later, that just might happen. (And I think Scott McCarl should get an invite if it does.) Greatest: Music
Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. ... Raspberries, the Godfathers of Power Pop, did too many great songs to put onto a ...
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The Raspberries from - A review of "Refreshed", ... Raspberries, The - Up-to-date information about this '70s band with seven Hot 100 hits. ...,_The/
Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Refreshed [EP] - The ...
Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other consumers on Refreshed ... So Wally, Dave and Scott decided to record as The Raspberries. The ...
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