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Amazon offers Shady Records Presents "The Evil Genius" DJ Green Lantern - The Best of In The Lab: Volume 1 [Mixtape] [Limited Edition] (Audio CD),
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great mixes, one of the many best / 4
this mixtape by dj green lantern is a good one, kinda reminds me of the invasion: conspiarcy theory part 2. my fav song on this mixtape is the one with 2pac and 50 cent called "if you really want". the others were good. i would have gave this product a 5 if the game was on here. G-U-NOT!!!!!!
Song "Beachball"
Tonight's alive
The beach ball's set to fly
Those well tequila'd guys
Who smile at strangers
À tes souhaits
À tes amours chéri
You give a little sneeze
And dance the

This life is sweet
We're dancin' in the street
Who knows
Who you might meet?
You'll do fine

The little weekend's here
Thursday has an ear
Her coffee klatch career
She talks to strangers

And kissing by the sea
Particular to me
'Ti punch, mojito, sling and
Dance the

This life is sweet
We're dancin' in the street
Who knows
Who you might meet?
You'll do fine

We flash the seaside sky
With starfish butterflies
To cast a spell and
Welcome locals,
Weekenders and strangers

You'll do fine
You'll do fine
You'll do fine

ROCK REVIEW; REM, On Tour, Revisits Its Roots - New York Times
ROCK REVIEW; REM, On Tour, Revisits Its Roots ... Lately REM has worked primarily in the studio, where it evolved a different repertory: atmospheric, ...
REM: Around the Sun: Pitchfork Review
[Warner Bros; 2004] Rating: 5.2 - Review by: Stephen M. Deusner.
Is REM just a nostalgia act? By Chris Suellentrop
REM's fans have been saying "REM sucks" since 1984. Reckoning, the band's second album (not counting the Chronic Town EP), sucked because it wasn't Murmur.
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THE SHUFFLE | WHO'S PLAYING IN OUR AREA: Who's playing in our area? (The Char...
With a name like this, you might expect an average folkie -- but that's not the case with female singer-songwriter Amanda Kapousouz, whose incredible album "Liar and the Thief" is an ethereal mix of Suzanne Vega and stripped-down Portishead. She opens for husband Bain Mattox. 10:30 tonight. Evening Muse. $6. 704-376-3737. -- Courtney Devores
Comboland redux (The News & Observer)
Next time you're on, search for the term comboland. But don't do it unless you have some time to kill, because you'll want to watch everything that turns up.
Hell's Angels (New Times Broward-Palm Beach)
Headbangers argue all day whether Slayer is the greatest heavy-metal band ever. And 25 years into the band's hall-of-fame career, a smaller number of music fans ? not all them metalheads ? claim the thrash kings are one of the best rock bands ever, hands-down, period.
Van Halen Reunion Tour Might Not Happen After All (MTV Music Television)
The Van Halen reunion tour might not be happening after all. A source close to the band said the 40-city jaunt with David Lee Roth has been postponed indefinitely.
Surrogate City (Washington City Paper)
This is a kind-of-monthly online column that's sort of about music. Its similarities to any previous writings are purely coincidental.
Escapees from Pensacola (Creative Loafing Tampa)
Reynosa admires the Allmans, Wilco... and Garth Brooks?... By Wade Tatangelo.
New Releases: Dixie Chicks, Kidz Bop 11, K-os, Calla, Gomez & More (MTV Mus...
Dixie Chicks' "Shut Up and Sing" documentary hits stores this week, as well as new Kidz Bop 11, K-os, Calla and Gomez releases.
Listening Post (The Buffalo News)
McCoy Tyner, Mosaic Select (Mosaic, three discs, by mail only) and Bobby Hutcherson, Mosaic Select (Mosaic, three discs, by mail only from Mosaic Records, 35 Melrose Place, Stamford, Conn. 06902 or
Spin control (Chicago Sun-Times)
Proteges of the Beastie Boys, the four underrated women of Luscious Jackson were perpetual also-rans in the alt-rock sweepstakes of the '90s, but they deserve to be remembered for one brilliant, sexy, funky effort -- the Daniel Lanois-produced "Fever In Fever Out" (1996) -- and two good but not great discs, one preceding their masterpiece and one following in 1999 after keyboardist Vivian Trimble ...
FCC meeting to focus on media consolidation (The Patriot-News)
The Federal Communications Commission will hold its third public hearing on media ownership Friday in Harrisburg. If the first two sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville are any indication, it should be an interesting event.

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