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British tribute to Freddie Mercury and the band Queen. Features show dates, sound files, and pictures.
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Amazon offers Stone Cold Classics (Audio CD),11 April, 2006
rock music |  Queen  | rock n roll List price $13.98
Ok. Main point here is that this disc is a LIMITED EDITION, that has been released specifically to commemorate American Idols QUEEN week (as if it isn't ALWAYS, ehh eh, you know?)
Truth is though, I have positive things to say about AI's QUEEN week. I see this as a major step up in teenie bopper entertainment, an entire WEEK devoted to a rock band? A REAL rock band... I watched it. I enjoyed it. The contestants actually worked with Queen members Brian May and, uh.. the other guy. It was pretty rockin'.
This disc however is not that strong. Although, it's really not a problem with me. We have to realize that QUEEN has a lot of Greatest Hits and Best ofs out there, and I won't get into the madness of all that. It is not possible to get all of the goods in one collection (even if you buy the three disc PLATINUM collection, you'll end up with stuff you don't need, and miss ROCKIN songs like; Keep Yourself Alive.) The best bet (and this really is what QUEEN wants you to do, which is why things are the way they are) you buy the two volumes that were originally released in 1991 (you have to buy these seperately) GREATEST HITS and CLASSIC QUEEN. You get just about everything this way.
If you don't want to go the extra mile, and are more of an American Idol fan really than a QUEEN fan.. theres nothing wrong with this disc, other than it is obviously ignorant towards the deep classics. What happens with this disc though is that you get a mix that spans the entire career.. (THE SHOW MUST GO ON is a killer tune) most of the hits packs don't do this, so, for begginers its a good open door towards rock. (I gotta say that QUEEN was one of my first rock bands, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, WE WILL ROCK YOU.. who doesn't know these songs?)
I can't possibly give this collection more than three stars though, especially since two of the tracks are BAD COMPANY songs performed by the lead singer of Bad Company with a few members of Queen... ?????? These tracks aren't bad, it's just that this is a QUEEN collection and those are BAD COMPANY songs! Paul Rodgers doing one of the Queen songs would have been more acceptable.
That space could have easily been used for ACTUAL stone cold classics.
So, heres the deal, boppers, you have here a very special opportunity to listen to very talented rock and roll,.. you could go the right direction and choose some music that may change your lives,GREATEST HITS or CLASSIC.. or you could cheese out like you usually do, and purchase the sell-out copy....
think about for a few minutes before making any decisions...

Song "A Winter’s Tale"

It's Winter-fall
Red skies are gleaming - oh -
Sea-gulls are flyin' over
Swans are floatin' by
Smoking chimney-tops
Am I dreaming...
Am I dreaming...?

The nights draw in
There's a silky moon up in the sky - yeah -
Children are fantasising
Grown-ups are standin' by
What a super feeling
Am I dreaming...
Am I dreaming...?

So quiet and peaceful
Tranquil and blissful
There's a kind of magic in the air
What a truly magnificent view
A breathtaking scene
With the dreams of the world
In the palm of your hand

A cosy fireside chat
A little this, a little that
Sound of merry laughter skippin' by
Gentle rain beatin' on my face
What an extraordinary place!
And the dream of the child
Is the hope of the man

It's all so beautiful
Like a landscape painting in the sky - yeah -
Mountains are zoomin' higher - mm -
Little girls scream an' cry
my world is spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin'
It's unbelievable
Sends me reeling
Am I dreaming...
Am I dreaming...?
Oooh - it's bliss.

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