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Suzi Quatro
Fans page with biography, album releases and links.
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Downloadable show of Suzi Quatro.
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Article by Frank W. Oglesbee on Suzi Quatro.
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Official site with a discography, project information, news, images, merchandise and contact details.
An Italian Suzi Quatro fan page. Text is in English.
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Fans's page with biography and timeline, 45 covers and discography.
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Pictures of Suzi Quatro.
Suzi Quatro Lyrics
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Interview with Suzi Quatro (NY Rock)
Interview with Suzi Quatro by Mason Hawk.
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Suzi Quatro song lyrics.
Amazon offers The Best of Suzi Quatro (Audio CD),09 March, 1999
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Song "Sticks And Stones"


Sticks and stones may break my bones
But you gotta take my rock and roll
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But you gotta take my rock and roll

Tune my mind to the station radio
My baby told me he ain't comin' back no mo'
Romeo, don't you know
You steal my pride and go

Turned me on from he old matrimonial blow
He's so stiff even music couldn't make him go
Your batteries are running low
And I ain't stayin', no, no, no


We're alone tonight and you've done let me go
I need some man to tease before I get too old
You're movin' way to slow
So on your feet and go Suzi Quatro - Greatest Hits [IMPORT]: Music
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